Airsoft GI: Established in 2003, Airsoft Gi is known as much for their hulking media presence as they are their products. They're all over YouTube with the two main faces of the company, Tim and Bob promoting guns and gear, and are on frequent Facebook and Twitter users. On the surface they appear to be one of the more corporately engineered airsoft companies around. The website links you to information on their core values, live customer service support, history, and large inventory. Like many heavy volume airsoft retailers, the instore customer service is lacking. Customer reviews say expect better service using the online platform. Located in Walnut, they're stone throws away from several other well known U.S. Airsoft retailers in southern California. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Airsoft GI airsoft guns.
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Airsoft GI Desert G4 PWS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
120 USD

Airsoft GI Desert G4 PWS Blowback Version...

I've had this gun for about 2 years but have only used it in a skirmish once. I've put at least 1,000 rounds through it and I've never had any issues with the rifle. This is a custom build from Airsoft GI and cost about $240 when I bought it. If you'd like to purchase the rifle and accessories you can contact me at the phone number listed or email me at:
Manufacturer: Airsoft ...

PTS Masada, Black Shield, Price Drop, Airsoft Girls & More!

PTS Masada, Black Shield, Price Drop, Air...

PTS MASADA Gas Blowback Rifle $420 now available at AirSplat!

Ever want to get tactical at home without breaking stuff? Blaze Storm soft dart guns are coming soon to! Which would you run?

AirSplat will be leading team USA during Operation Black Shield, July 18 at...

G19 Airsoft Giveaway, Lion Claws, AMS, HSGI, and MORE!

G19 Airsoft Giveaway, Lion Claws, AMS, HS...

**WE G19 GIVEAWAY!** AirSplat has partnered up with the Gas Gun Association to give away a $140 VALUE WE G19! Make sure to follow the instructions on how to enter here:

AirSplat sent Airsoft Simulations out to Lion Claws OP: Lightning Strike IV in Williamsport, MD! They’re running our AirSplat Signature Custom PolarStar MP7 along with some other co...

Airsoft GI G4-A1 w/ (Custom)

Airsoft GI G4-A1 w/ (Custom)

No longer have the time to play. Gun was made in 2013 , I have the original receipt.
Would like to get at least some of what was paid for it being that it has only been used less than 6 times in battle. The only thing it is missing is the battery, it was stolen at Ballahack. Fully functioning with it though. I have extra ammo with it as well and a full face mask and case. Please call/text if int...

  • by hvb 2 years ago

Airsoft GI – Elite Force Beretta ARX160 AEG

Airsoft GI – Elite Force Beretta ARX160 A...

Elite Force Beretta ARX160 Airsoft Guns are now available for Pre-Order on Airsoft GI. Check it out if you are looking for an AEG that takes M4/M16 mags but looks really futuristic and different from everything else. The Berreta ARX160 is a unique airsoft gun and a great addition to Elite Force’s impressive lineup of AEG’s. The Barret ARX160 Competition Variant is a part of Elite Force’s Elite lin...

Bob's Rebel Training Camp Review

Bob's Rebel Training Camp Review

Airsoft GI conducted a training operation for new and younger players at GamePod Combat Zone in Antioch, CA, on February 8, 2014.

To get 20% of at Airsoft GI use coupon code "heroes"!!!

To get 20% of at Airsoft GI use coupon co...

To get 20% of at Airsoft GI use coupon code "heroes"!!!

Airsoft. Check. Anime. Check. Girls? Check! Stella C3-Bu.

Airsoft. Check. Anime. Check. Girls? Chec...

Stella! No, not the awkward and surreal pre-Adult Swim-en-prime show (that was unceremoniously cancelled in 2005) starring Michael Ian Black. This is the clever but hyperbolized effort, written by Ikoma and adapted for television by the Gainax Corporation animation studio, to file airsoft under the category of “Action & Drama” in your streaming queue.

Making the obvious comparison between ...

Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI

Get out and play airsoft!



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