Airsoft Extreme: Begun all the way back in 1999, with four store locations in California, they are one of the most franchise successful retailers in the country, if not the world. With an impressive list of inventory, the potential customer has access to everything from Cybergun to Maruzen. They appear to be very active in airsoft as a whole. Making appearances at major local events and even hosting their own games at California fields, likely makes them an unavoidable presence in the airsoft community. The website has ample links to information on weapons reviews, events, news, and products. There are few complaints about the website, but Yelp reviews show that customer service in store is hit and miss. Despite that, prices are competitive, so for the California buyer you can't ask for a better retailer given all the store fronts available. For the Midwest and east coast buyer, you are subject to average shipping costs. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Airsoft Extreme airsoft guns.
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Flash Sale coming to Airsoft Extreme

Flash Sale coming to Airsoft Extreme

Flash Sale! From Aug 14th 2015 to Aug 28th 2015, Airsoft Extreme will have crazy daily discounts on some of the hottest airsoft products on the market! Log onto our new website each day and find savings of as much as 50% on high end airsoft guns! Each deal lasts just one day and is subject to availability! Mark your calendars now and prepare to SAVE!

MP5 Repair by Sam & Staff

MP5 Repair by Sam & Staff

Last Sunday while at SPECWAR/SacAir's Lincoln Mission day, Sam, one of the employees of Airsoft Extreme Sacramento and I had a conversation about my MP5. My MP5 has been down for a couple of months. Sam invited me to the shop to look over and test my MP5 which I have been working on for a few months.
Yesterday I drove down to Airsoft Extreme, about an hour drive, to purchase some ammo and to see...

Airsoft Extreme - Dads & Grads SALE!! - June 11-17, 2012

Airsoft Extreme - Dads & Grads SALE!!...

It's time to CELEBRATE all those Fathers and Graduates out there with our Dads & Grads SALE!

SALE Begins on June 11th and ends on June 17th

SP001P-1 normally $189.99 Now $149.99!

SP001P-1B normally $179.99 Now $149.99!

KP01 KJW P226 normally $129.99 Now $99.99!

KP01 KJW P226 spare magazine normally $35.00 Now $19.99!

WE3PX4 normally $99.99 Now $79.99!


Airsoft Extreme - Operation: Lion Claws XI PIctures are up!

Airsoft Extreme - Operation: Lion Claws X...

Pictures form this weekends Operation Lion Claws XI are up fomo the AEX team.

Check them out and like us on Facebook!

Airsoft Extreme - New Tokyo Marui Items in Stock!

Airsoft Extreme - New Tokyo Marui Items i...

NEW! Tokyo Marui RECCE Rifle!

The NEW TM Recce Rifle is now in stock and ready to be delivered to you. This version has too many goodies to list here,

NEW! Tokyo Marui XDM-40 is HERE!

The TM XDM-40 is here and ready for shipment. We also have plenty of extra magazines ava...

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