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Overwatch: Real World Combat Gaming

Overwatch: Real World Combat Gaming

Overwatch is the next generation in interactive and social gaming. Now, all of the technology gamers love from combat video games is available in real life, right on a smartphone—Live GPS Radar, Bluetooth Voice Chat, and In-Game Perks. The games of airsoft, paintball, and laser tag just became a whole lot more tactical. Now it’s not just game time. It’s game time for real.
Overwatch is not just a...

OverWatch App

OverWatch App

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Existen contadas aplicaciones para teléfono celular diseñadas para mejorar la vivencia del Airsoft y en general de los juegos de simulación militar.

Las funcionalidades que comúnmente se encuentran en las mencionadas aplicaciones son: GPS para saber la ubicación de los compañeros de juego, algún tipo de mensajaría instantánea que por lo regular e...

Snooperscope – Night Vision for your Smartphone

Snooperscope – Night Vision for your Smar...

A company called Psy Corporation is developing a night vision product called the Snooperscope. The Snooper scope is an Smartphone compatible night vision device that allows you to take photos in the dark. We can imagine a whole host of potential uses for such a device if employed properly in the military,law enforcement or even Airsoft fields.

According to Psy Corporation:


TACNAV – Military GPS Navigation App

TACNAV – Military GPS Navigation App

Tactical NAV was created specifically for the troops, and was built from the ground up using real world feedback by troops serving in the field. This app is an indispensable tool. Map & plot navigational waypoints, share location and waypoint information with other Tactical NAV users by email using encrypted security, and even take photographs stamped with GPS coordinates. These are just some ...

AIRSCAN por fín está disponible para Iphone

AIRSCAN por fín está disponible para Ipho...

Buenos días/tardes, os escribimos para informaros de que por fín está disponible la versión para Iphone del AIRSCAN en el Apple Store. Muchos habéis sido los que nos habíais solicitado esta versión por lo que esperamos que cumpla todas vuestras expectativas y junto con vuestros compañeros que tengan Android, podáis organizar apasionantes partidas con el AIRSCAN como herramienta táctica que aporte ...

AirScan is finally available for iPhone

AirScan is finally available for iPhone

Good morning / afternoon, we write to inform you that AirScan is finally available for iPhone in the Apple Store. Many have been requesting it. We hope to fulfill all your expectations,and that together with your colleagues who have Android, can organize exciting games with the AirScan as tactical tool.

AirScan update and Trial version avaiable.

AirScan update and Trial version avaiable...

As promised, here is the first update of AirScan.

In this update have been fixed initial positioning errors in certain terminals and small synchronization problems.

The main improvements are:

New Match creation and configuration System.
Improved battery consumption.
Game Modes support .
Respawn modes support.
New game mode: Team Match (In ...

Actualización de AIRSCAN y la version TRIAL ya esta aquí.

Actualización de AIRSCAN y la version TRI...

Lo prometido es deuda, y ya está aquí la primera actualización super potente de AIRSCAN.

En esta actualización se han solucionado errores de posicionamiento inicial en determinadas terminales y pequeños problemas de sincronización.

Las mejoras principales son:

Nuevo sistema de creación y configuración de partidas.
Mejorado el consumo de batería de la terminal.
Soporte para m...

Airscan by airsoft

Airscan by airsoft

Hi there, We are writing to inform you that we have finally released a new App for android (iOs will be released as son as posible) escecially designed for Airsoft fans. We have been following you for some time now and really believe that it could be of much interest for you.

I leave here the Facebook address and AirScan's website where you can see in depth characteristics of the app and if you...

SOFTER's Journal#10: Airsoft Prohibition

SOFTER's Journal#10: Airsoft Prohibition

SOFTER's#10 est désormais disponible sur 4 formats différents:
*Version papier en kiosque
*iPad Appstore
*Androïd Play Store
*Version Digitale MAC/PC/Smartphone sur le kiosque digitale

Que vous soyez féru de papier ou de numérique, il est donc impossible de passer à côté de SOFTER's !
Vous pourrez donc emporter et lire partout votre magazine, puisque les versions tablet...


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