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More VTG Updates - Versatile Training Grenade

More VTG Updates - Versatile Training Gre...

SWAT Training Devices announce a great new innovation in their great range of Blank firing grenades - colours! now also in photoluminecent! - never loose a grenade again!

To find out more check out Airsoft Odyssey and see the amazing video! great in CQB and woodland

MORE VTG Updates

- Colours and something special Intel by Yosser

Things NEVER stay still! Your away being dis...

Blank Firing Grenade Fail - Video

Blank Firing Grenade Fail - Video

Mjr Clanger demonstrates how not to clear a bunker with a Blank Firing grenade.

NOTE the Technique displayed should not by copied! At worst you could SERIOUSLY hurt yourself, at best you will look like a massive TWAT and everyone laughs at you. (like they did at me)

Filmed at

The BFG is a Timed Grenade using 12 gauge Blanks



Yosser from Airsoft Odyssey gets an EXCLUSIVE preview of the all NEW BFGX - a new IMPACT BlankFiringGrenade onto the market - with write up AND VIDEO Teaser available on the Blog that brings you more: Airsoft Odyssey - all the TOP INTEL

Hmm I wonder where else that video might be - Airsoft Odyssey Group members on Airsoft squared will know!



A long time favorite of airsofters has been the Dynatec 'delay' BFG and as this is getting harder and harder to source it comes as great news that we'll soon have a viable alternative to it available.

The BFGX5 this promises to be a great replacement and you can vote on what adaptors can be available for it! Head over to the blog for more news on this up and coming BFG....the BFGX5 that is.

Cheaper Bangs for Your BFG's (Dynatec type)

Cheaper Bangs for Your BFG's (Dynatec typ...

One thing most airsofters agree on is that Pyro's are fun, BIG FUN - usually the louder the better! But Pyro's are expensive and of course not re-usable!

One way of cutting down on the cost is to use Blank Firing Grenades, BFG’s. Re-usable, durable, but expensive to purchase but with the re-usability factor you can soon re-coup the outlay after several skirmishes. 12 gauge Blanks are LOUD and y...


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