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Leatherman MUT is a multitool made for weapon users, from military and police personnel to civilians... You'll see why, and in Hristo Airsoft Store you can get it for a great price that can be broken into 12 installments, even when ordering online!


Military-Grade Survival Kits For Civilians

Military-Grade Survival Kits For Civilian...

For several years SOLKOA, Inc. has been quietly producing a huge variety of specialized survival kits for the military and other high-risk organizations and government agencies.

SOLKOA has recently taken their experience and recognized expertise in those venues and is now entering the consumer market with several offerings of civilian survival kits and equipment of which this PSK (Personal Surv...

TNVC Civilian Weapon Lasers – Class 1 Lasers

TNVC Civilian Weapon Lasers – Class 1 Las...

TNVC discusses various types of civilian weapon mounted laser systems.

Watch the vid:

Operation Civil Hornet - 17 hour force on force milsim

Operation Civil Hornet - 17 hour force on...

Team MSF recently attended OP Civil Hornet 17 hr milsim in Picton, ON. To see more from this event check out the video posted or pictures on our facebook page and youtube channel at

Witness Protection Program

Witness Protection Program

In this scenario there is a prominent company owner thrown into the witness protection program after revealing dealings with a group of international terrorists. Since revealing dealings with the terrorists are angry and looking for revenge. In this Game you would be part of the Civilian Military or Terrorists team. Basically a game of hidden VIP that turns into a Hunt/Chase game. By the way I saw...


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