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Magpul PTS – D.A.S. Courses

Magpul PTS – D.A.S. Courses

Following up on the news that we published on August 8th about the Magpul PTS Dynamic Action Sport
(see HERE: ), Magpul PTS announced on their facebook page that Dynamic Action Sport courses will soon be available, in a first stage with two different modules, PTS – Cabine and Pistol Techniques and the Basic Team Movement Course. For more information on thi...

Airborne Milsim Announces Tactical Primary MC-4 Course for June

Airborne Milsim Announces Tactical Primar...

Airborne Milsim is back as promised and has announced that the next Tactical Primary MC-4 Course (Thats right, it’s a week long course, not a single milsim event) will be June 11th-June 16th, 2013 in Dunnellon, Florida. While the Saturday Op has yet to earn a name, MindGame Productions will be creating another in-depth Op. for Jumpers to face.

Those who attended Operation Varsity faced numerous...

Tactical Primary Airborne Qualification Course

Tactical Primary Airborne Qualification C...

The Tactical Primary Airborne Qualification Course is designed for those who have not jumped before and want to combine jump training with modern military simulated tactics. This will qualify the student on the SF-10 Canopy as well as participation in military simulation events . The SF-10A canopy is the U.S. Army's newest steerable parachute for low-level assault. It is the canopy in the MC-6 Par...

USJTF Basic Special Warfare Course

USJTF Basic Special Warfare Course

What- Basic Special Warfare Course
Who - USJTF Michigan Brigade
When - Check -in will be Friday April 20th starting at 4pm (1600)
April 21st-22nd 2012

Where - Field Location coming Soon.
Time - Will be posted in LOA (Coming Soon)
Uniform - USJTF Uniform Required

Cost: $25.00 per student.
Payment by Paypal: (This helps us comfirm numbers for this course. Once you su...


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