Crosman: Crosman orginated in New York in 1923, as "Crosman Brothers". After one immediate ownership change, rebranding as "Crosman Rifle Company", and several subsequent ones, they are know today simply as "Crosman". Most notable known for their selection of competiton and recreational quality pellet and metal BB fed weapons, they crossed over into airsoft back in 2001. In 2009, they struck deals with Classic Army and Spartan Imports to provide higher quality airsoft guns to their consumers. Look for their products on the shelves of big box stores, offering themed packages and bundles. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Crosman airsoft guns.
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Corpsman Pulse DP 4
100 USD

Corpsman Pulse DP 4

I'm selling my Crosman Pulse DP4, it includes the gun, the clip, the battery and the charger, about 8,000 pellets (5,000 @ 0.25, and about 3,000 @ 0.21), and my mask as well. Barely used so it's just like new. It is spring and electric.


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