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6 mm full automatic CM16 Raider (M16 Look-alike)
150 USD

6 mm full automatic CM16 Raider (M16 Look...

M-16 style semi-automatic/full automatic air soft gun. Battery powered which is in an extendable stock, comes with one mag, battery tender/charger, iron sight. I originally bought it for $250, looking to get $150, the gun has barely been used, maybe shot three times and then hasn't been used since a year ago.
Would like to sell as soon as possible, I need the money and don't have room to store i...

KWA MP7 with 4 mags and EDGI tightbore barrel
375 USD

KWA MP7 with 4 mags and EDGI tightbore ba...

KWA MP7 with 4 working mags and EDGI tightbore barrel.
one extra non working mag included
has a brand new trigger
Original Barrel and trigger included
different flow valves included for more/less fps
hop up tool included
asking 375 obo
willing to meet in person out if you live near me
1 previous owner.
previous owner didnt want it anymore cause of issues. got it from him and fixed it up....

$100 Elite Force M4 CQB
100 USD

$100 Elite Force M4 CQB

Very good condition Elite Force M4 CQB. No trades. This gun runs like a champ. The gearbox has been shamed in the air seal is nearly perfect. Comes with the rear sight, angled foregrip, a 6.01 mm Barrel, 9.6 volt battery, and a high cap mag. Asking $100 and PayPal ready. Optic not included, already sold

eHobbyAsia.com  Summer Pre-sales & New Release Products

eHobbyAsia.com Summer Pre-sales & Ne...

1.Golden Eagle Heavy Machine AEG

2.Snow Wolf M98B AEG

3.G&P AEG094 Auto Electric Gun


Ak barely used airsoft gun, with bb's.
85.00 USD

Ak barely used airsoft gun, with bb's.

Barely used AK-47 with around 8,500 Ultrasonic .12g 6mm bb's.
-Well cleaned
-Adjustable Stock
-1 No-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh 8.4V Battery
-1 Charger for the battery
-1 Ak-47 clip
-1 Speed reloader
NOTE: Text me for the picture, for some reason my photo is too big.

Number: (219) 669-2333

Selling G&P Rapid Fire II
200 USD

Selling G&P Rapid Fire II

Really looking to make a sale in state, don't want to deal with shipping. I've never used this airsoft gun outside of a few mags here and there. Will be selling the mag that comes with it as well as a rds.
Lipo not included. Gun, Mag, forward grip and red-dot only.

M4A1 with Pellets, 4 magazines
110 USD

M4A1 with Pellets, 4 magazines

Slighty used, some assembly required, need to tape bottom barrel to gun

ComBat Games airsoft navigator 3.5 released

ComBat Games airsoft navigator 3.5 releas...

ComBat Games is a tactical event management system allowing to organize high quality military simulation games in airsoft, paintball, lazertag, etc. It is a simplified copy of military Battle Management System focused on civilian sport sector.

This software assists in managing all three stages of tactical event organization: event preparation, event processing, event post-processing and analysi...

Elite Force 1911 Tac W/ Extended mag & holster
100 USD

Elite Force 1911 Tac W/ Extended mag &...

Elite force 1911 tac. It shoots fine, comes with the box, the gun, and extended mag and a holster. Pictures can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUz76rllbo5/ Just scroll to the right to see the pistol. Best way to contact me is to dm me there at that account. I can send videos of the gun shooting to show it works. $100 SHIPPING INCLUDED

Operation Excelsior | Antari Attacks

Operation Excelsior | Antari Attacks

Tickets: http://airsoftanarchy.co.uk/operation-excelsior


An object later identified as a massive spaceship has been found orbiting the earth. It soon became clear what the intentions of this Alien race were when after they sprayed the atmosphere with an unknown subst...


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