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Falcon 10% OFF

Falcon 10% OFF

Falcon 10% OFF

Link: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/falcon.html

eHobby Asia Fall Season Sale

eHobby Asia Fall Season Sale

eHobby Asia Fall Season Sale

Get the best Milsim Gears deals in fall season!

Customers order in eHobby Asia ONLINE Store, will be accompanied by:

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50% OFF WE MK16, Real Sword Airsoft, Falcon Kydex & More!

50% OFF WE MK16, Real Sword Airsoft, Falc...

ICS Airsoft PAR Mk3 AEG is coming soon to AirSplat! Special edition signed by the owner of ICS Airsoft himself! What are your opinions?

AirSplat Approved! Like, Share, & CAPTION this image!

**NEW** Real Sword AEG Airsoft Rifles available at AirSplat! Which model is your favorite? Like, Comm...

Falta poco para el Shot Show! Síguenos!

Falta poco para el Shot Show! Síguenos!

Queda muy poco para el Shot Show, vas a poder seguirlo en todos nuestros canales en la interné!
También podrás usar el hashtag #asBBShotShow para enviar pedidos como que marca quieres que visitemos, que preguntas quieres que hagamos.

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3B1M Thundering Third

3B1M Thundering Third

We are a reenactment group focusing on the battle of Al Fallujah which took place in Iraq 2004. Most of our members come from polish city Gdańsk, located in northern Poland, at the Baltic Sea. Reenactment of US Marine Corps is our hobby and a way to spend our free time. Our goal is to share our knowledge about USMC, their inv...

  • Members: 0
  • Category: Teams

The VIP transfer

The VIP transfer

Scenario: Argentinean forces are moving a HVT (High value target) with VIP political affiliations to a extraction point . Their forces are depleted and they have VIP transit as their top priority. Designated VIP must be moved on a secret route designated by Security experts.

OP: Fallout 6

OP: Fallout 6

Inspired by the video game series, FALLOUT®, this event features unique rules designed to simulate the experience of leveling up in game and survival/scrounging in a post-apocalyptic world. Each team will compete to earn donations for their team's charity: The Monterey Aquarium, Team Rubicon and the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum.

August 23, 2014

ARC Airsoft

«The Combat for the Falklands 2014». International Game

«The Combat for the Falklands 2014». Inte...

Last year group Combat conducted a game that was called «The Combat for Manhattan». After that, many airsoft blogs from all around the world were interested in reporting about the event.

Especially for that game, we built an airsoft version of the Abrams M1A1 tank, a 15 meter high Statue of Liberty, and other elements of entourage.

For the first time during the game, pyrotechnics were u...

  • Starting Date: June 12, 2014
  • Country: Russia

M4 A1 Bison / Falco shell eject / cartouches éjectables

M4 A1 Bison / Falco shell eject / cartouc...

Petite review d'une M4 spring avec cartouches éjectables.

Dans l'ensemble elle est de très bonne qualité, et est compatible avec plusieurs pièces d'aeg (crosse / tubes de crosses, gardes mains, poignée pistolet).

Dommage que l'on ne puisse pas y mettre un silencieux.

Je confirme qu'elle est compatible avec les chargeurs de la M4 TOP, ainsi qu'avec les cartouches de chez TOP, il y a toute ...

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  • Category: Replicas

Hristo.hr: Fällkniven Diamond Ceramic Whetstone

Hristo.hr: Fällkniven Diamond Ceramic Whe...

You've been wondering where to find a high quality whetstone made by renowned manufacturer? Universal Fällkniven diamond ceramic whetstone, 32x100mm, is available in Hristo Airsoft Store!

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/686/fllkniven/fllkniven-dc4-dijamantni-keramicki-brus


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