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Thompson AEG 466 FPS
150 USD

Thompson AEG 466 FPS

I have a basically brand new Thompson AEG used 1 time and still in amazing shape. Comes with everything it originally came with. Battery, mag, etc.

Dragunov SVDS Sniper Airsoft Rifle 400fps
120 USD

Dragunov SVDS Sniper Airsoft Rifle 400fps

Marked as used but only used once 2 years ago. No local airsoft fields that I can take it to so looking to clear space for a new airsoft rifle. Works just fine, no ammo included. MSRP Price of new is $200+. Additional photos available upon request. (I don't know why the ad is saying gas propulsion, I have spring selected. Rifle is NOT gas powered.)

Introducing the Spring Aftermath Dragunov SVD...

A2FPS.COM Airsoft - new TACO Magazine Pouch - M4/PMAG

A2FPS.COM Airsoft - new TACO Magazine Pou...

New TACO Magazine Pouch available!

-For M4/PMAG magazine
-MOLLE System
-Different colors and patterns


G&P Full Metal M4
450 USD

G&P Full Metal M4

G&P Full Metal AEG M4 Custom Rifle. Including 8 Mag Midcap Magazines
Upgraded externals and internals.
External upgrades:
-Madbull Noveske KX3 14mm Negative Sound Amplifier Flashhider CW - Black
-Positive to Negative thread adapter. (Gun stock has a Positive 14mm thread. Adapter used for Madbull Flashhider)
-Magpul PTS MOE Hand Guard - Black
-Deans connected to rear crane stock

124.99 USD


This is a AGM M14 SOCOM with integrated rail system. This airsoft gun shoots at 350-375 FPS with 0.20g BBs. The biggest feature of this gun is its custom ABU camouflage paint job. This paint job is done by me, and is completely matte and will blend in with your surroundings. I paint it on order, meaning you tell me what colors you want it and I will paint it, package it, and ship it.

This airso...

A2FPS.com Airsoft Shop

A2FPS.com Airsoft Shop

New products available!

Have a look: www.a2fps.com

Visit our FB page: www.facebook.com/a2fpsAirsoftSwitzerland

AK-47 & M4
200 USD

AK-47 & M4

I have a nice AK-47 and an average M4. They both shoot approximately 400-450fps.
Come with charger, battery, BBs, and 2 masks. For further questions, inquiries, ir pictures just text 910.508.8722.

Free shipping for you
Thank you!

What is FPS?

What is FPS?

Whether you’re buying an airsoft gun, or you’re going to an airsoft field, knowing what FPS is, is something that every Airsofter should know.

What does FPS mean?

To read the entire article please follow the link below:

A2FPS.COM - New Products this week

A2FPS.COM - New Products this week


-Multicam Mechanix Wear Gloves
-FAST Helmet Covers
-and many more!


Hristo.hr presents Classic Army Extreme Motors

Hristo.hr presents Classic Army Extreme M...

Short for AK, SVD, G36, AUG, M249 and M14 replicas or Long for M4/16, HK416, P90, SCAR, G3 replicas; in each case Classic Army Extreme motor with neodymium magnets is recommended for M120-150 springs!

=> http://hristo.hr/en/airsoft/638/motori/classic-army-extreme-motor-short

=> http://hristo.hr/en/airsoft/935/motori/classic-army-extreme-motor-long


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