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G&G newcommers in

G&G newcommers in

Yup, they're here! A restock is a restock, but there are also some new ones! GKM, or TR15 Raider DST, for example. One with 11.1V LiPo battery storage in the hand-guard compartment and 8mm gearbox ball bearings, the other with LMT sight, KAC grip, two KAC Picatinny rail covers, cleaning rod and manual. And also 6.03mm precision barrel, 8mm gearbox ball bearings, ball bearing piston head, thermosta...

Shipment of G&G goodies coming today

Shipment of G&G goodies coming today

Today we're restocking, and adding some new models to our supply, on G&G replicas and other gear! Desert versions of TR15 and CM16 Raider, GKS-74U, TR16 Commando, P226 and M1911 Springer Pistols... That's really just a few models, to see others, feel free and welcome to visit us!
When you find the one you like, you'll be happy to know we offer great prices for these high quality replicas, loy...

S.A.S UY (Sniper Airsoft Squadron Uruguay)

S.A.S UY (Sniper Airsoft Squadron Uruguay...

A 10 man multinational airsoft team based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The team is composed of Three snipers, one scout sniper, two marksmen, three assault operators and one team heavy gunner.

  • Members: 0
  • Category: Teams

Best prices for G&G BBs in Hristo Airsoft Store

Best prices for G&G BBs in Hristo Air...

We've always recommended top quality G&G BBs as a number one choice, and now we've made them even more affordable!

Hristo Airsoft Store offers best prices for G&G 0.25g and 0.28g BBs - just 9.90 / 10.80 €!

Extreme quality and great prices - only the best for our airsofters!

Price drop for G&G 0.25g PSBP in Hristo Airsoft Store!

Price drop for G&G 0.25g PSBP in Hris...

Good news for all our loyal customers, because of whom and thanks to whom we're able to proudly announce:

We've lowered the price of G&G 0.25g BBs, they're now just 9,87 €!

Lower prices for G&G Replicas at!

Lower prices for G&G Replicas at Hris...

News like no other, news of the day! We've lowered the prices of some G&G models, so you can get high quality and durability from Hristo Airsoft Store for even less now! We offer free shipping to 30 European countries, PayPal or credit card payment, Loyalty Points...

The main thing - check these: G&G M4A1 11.5" (TR16 Ranger), HK416 SHORT (T4-18 LIGHT), SR25, PDW99, CM16 Carbine GBB...

Airsoft Pistol Accessories at

Airsoft Pistol Accessories at

You own your favourite pistol? If not, you'll find a lot of them at
If you do, that's not the end, you'll need cases, bags, pouches... And you're already guessing where to find them!
Yeah, we've got a few suppressors and adapters too, and ship to 35 European countries, to 30 of them for FREE (some terms may apply...); and accept credit or debit cards, PayPal...

=> http://hri...

G&G Full Metal

G&G Full Metal

If we've said that our years of experience have shown that G&G polymer (CM series) is often more reliable than metal replicas of some other manufacturers, then it's clear you can expect top quality from G&G full metal replicas! Add to that 8mm ball bearings, precision barrels, thermostable hopup buckings and you get a top product!

Like these: G&G TR4-MOD 0, HK416 (T4-18) or TR4 CQB ...

V2 and V3 Gearbox Shells in

V2 and V3 Gearbox Shells in

Reinforced G&G Gearbox Shells are since recently available in Hristo Airsoft Store, so pick the one you need: G&G V2 8mm (blowback), V2 8mm, V2 TGM (blowback) or V3...

New G&G gear in

New G&G gear in

We weren't too lazy over the weekend to prepare more G&G news! Stocks, magazines, flash hiders, cases... are available and can be seen immediately by following the link we've provided!


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