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OP: New Hope 2 - ARC Airsoft Hollister, California

OP: New Hope 2 - ARC Airsoft Hollister, C...

In July of 2013 a US Task Force was dispatched to the Arcganistan river valley region in an effort to restore order to the area. After a successful mission the US withdrew their forces leaving a puppet government in charge. That government has now gone rouge and it is time to once again free the oppressed people in the area.....

Join ARC Airsoft for our annual two-day event featuring:

A “San...

Hollister ARC Airsoft SAS

Hollister ARC Airsoft SAS

Arc Airsoft SAS game...

During OP:Hornet's nest the US Forces were unable to gain any ground or apprehend the arms dealer. They insurgent forces now have access to a suitcase sized WMD and intend on using it.

The last mission was to costly in resources and lives so US SOCOM has decided to send in a small strike team of 3 - 5 men to recon the area and destroy any obstacles for the coming in...

ARC Airsoft Hollister, CA--- FPS Day and swap meet

ARC Airsoft Hollister, CA--- FPS Day and ...

Hey Everyone! Time once again for our skirmish day! This is gonna be a great time where we'll get out and play as many fast Force on Force games, based on the multiplayer matches from games, like Halo, C.O.D. and Battlefield. Come out for a great time and tons of shoot 'em up action.

Uniforms: Camo VS civi
Cost: $25

For the swap meet all are welcomed to participate and we host it during the...

Area 48

Area 48

We host friendly, safe, secure, and responsible outdoor airsoft simulation events.
We strive to provide the airsoft community with the best airsoft experiences they can possibly have.

Our fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping scenario based games will give you an excellent workout and leave you hungry for more. We also organize swap meets to allow the community to sell, trade, and/or barter airsof...

F.A.S.T. (Filipinos Airsoft Team)

F.A.S.T. (Filipinos Airsoft Team)

The Filipinos Airsoft Team (F.A.S.T.) is an elite team composed of experienced players from the Mike Force Airsoft Club in Moss Landing, California, USA.
Under Mike Force club, we are officially known as RS2 unit (Recondo Spetsnaz 2) and is the command structure for the club's OpFor team, Red Star.

Most of our senior members have been playing for years and have graduated from Mike Force Recon...

  • Members: 8
  • Category: Teams


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