L96: An airsoft L96 is an airsoft version of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare L96. The airsoft version is most often a spring operated bolt action replica. Some versions are gas operated. The airsoft version simulates the floating barrel and bolt action, but uses less expensive materials. The outer barrel is often pot-metal and the frame, ABS plastic. More expensive versions use higher quality metals and polymer frames.
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L96 for sale. hope someone can use it more than I could
200 USD

L96 for sale. hope someone can use it mor...

Lightly used sniper rifle, comes with 1 mag, a scope ($50 bought myself) and a bipod. Never really have the time and it's just sitting around, if you have any questions or want pictures let me know and I'll get them to you.

250 GPB


Looking to sell my Tokyo Marui L96 AWS

It has only been used once and the FPS is around 290 with .20g BBs

This is a stock model that I am selling with 2 extra 40-rnd magazines (3 in total) and a Strike Systems 4x32 scope

Comes with original box and jamming rod

Message me for any details or price at MikeDuggan1989@hotmail.com

M4 extended barrel+ UTG L96
300 USD

M4 extended barrel+ UTG L96

1 M4 Extended Barrel w/ grip and 3-9x40 sniper scope

1 UTG L96 Bolt action sniper w/ 3-9x40 rubber sniper scope+ Bipod

*$150 Each $300 for set

HPA Well L96
1100 GPB

HPA Well L96

Hi guys I would like to introduce you my L96 powered by HPA system. This is customised sniper rifle.
Well L96 (just body) every others parts was changed.
Inside part was replaced and customised for accuracy.
Inside is 6.02 650 mm long barrel.
Scope with coloured crosshair.
Outer barrel and silencer are full metal. Just a body is high quality plastic used for Airsoft guns.
This includes 2 HPA...

Prize Draw

Prize Draw

Hi All,

Quick update... we are currently closed and will re-open on the 31st March.

However in the meantime, for you snipers out there, get yourself entered into our Prize Draw, details can be found here:


Well L96 versions available in Hristo.hr

Well L96 versions available in Hristo.hr

Two Well L96 Replicas for great prices! See for yourselves! (We've got more, but... ;-))

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/1318/na-oprugu/well-l96m-mb04a-airsoft-puska

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/1231/na-oprugu/well-l96-mb05-airsoft-puska

Hristo.hr: G&G L96 Gas Rifle

Hristo.hr: G&G L96 Gas Rifle

Free shipping to 30 European countries, and online payment by credit card in installments can make it yours for 30.5 € per month - extremely accurate G&G L96 gas rifle...

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/307/na-plin-co2/gg-l96-g96-airsoft-puska

Hristo.hr Bundle - Well L96 (MB01) and Simmons Scope

Hristo.hr Bundle - Well L96 (MB01) and Si...

We just can't stop making great deals, here's another Holiday Bundle which combines a WELL L96 (MB01) Rifle with a Simmons scope and Tall Scope Rings. The set can be delivered anywhere in Europe, but will be delivered for FREE to customers from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia!

=> http://hristo.hr/en/airsoft/1492/spring/well-l96-mb01-simmons-3-9x50-...

Hristo.hr A2A Upgrade Parts

Hristo.hr A2A Upgrade Parts

A2A L96/Mauser Upgrade KIT: 550 fps sounds good? Get it in Hristo Airsoft Store!

A2A inner barrel for L96 / Mauser rifles - 6.01mm of inner diameter, 500mm of length. Those are the specifications, and here are the links:

=> http://www.hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/1403/unutarnji-dijelovi-i-upgrade/a2a-l96-mauser-upgrade-kit-550-fps

=> http://www.hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/1404/unutarnji-dijelovi-i...

Raw Airsoft Team

Raw Airsoft Team

Raw Airsoft Team is a small group of friends who have been playing together since we were 12 years old. We support team work and responsible playing and most of all having fun.

We like to share our knowlege of the sport with others and also learn as much as we can to better ourselves.

Members of Raw Airsoft Team:

1. Alexander Stortiset
2. Petter Både
3 .Martin Einarsen
4. David L...

  • Members: 3
  • Category: Teams


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