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Knight's Armament LMG | Zshot | Merlin's Airsoft News

Knight's Armament LMG | Zshot | Merlin's ...

John from previews the NEW second generation LMG fully license by Knight's Armament. This LMG, the lightest real steel support weapon, is fully upgraded with the same electronic systems at the M4e, with the best feature of all....a lower price point then the 1st generation.

A&K MK46 vs. PKM Light Machine Gun Showdown

A&K MK46 vs. PKM Light Machine Gun Sh...

Machine Guns fill special and rarely exploited roles in airsoft, ideally providing large volumes of accurate fire from long range. Ross and Jon recently grabbed two very different A&K Machine Guns from the AMS inventory and put them in a head-to-head showdown to find out what each had to offer and whether either was an overtly superior choice!


KRISS Group Debuts KRYTAC Product Line

KRISS Group Debuts KRYTAC Product Line

KRYTAC, KRISS Group’s new brand dedicated to recreational shooting and professional training, makes worldwide product premier at IWA 2014.
March 7, 2014 – Nuremberg, Germany – KRISS Group reveals products and pricing under the newly established KRYTAC, its latest brand dedicated to airsoft, non-lethal training and .22 caliber firearms. KRYTAC has taken advantage of KRISS Group’s experience in mod...

A&K M60-VN (e1) Review

A&K M60-VN (e1) Review

For my first review I'll be touching off on a not so lite LMG, This will take you back to a time when life was simple and there was a conflict down in south east Asia that sparked some.... Wait Lets not get into Vietnam. Lets talk about what the NVA and VC learned to hate, Good old fashion 7.62 550 BRPM! the M60 E1.

Hope you guys enjoy LCAT's first EVER airsoft review.

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Classic Army Stoner LMG in

Classic Army Stoner LMG in

In case you've missed it, Classic Army Stoner LMG has come to our store, which means you can get it also! If you pay for it by credit card (which you can do online), you'll get it right away, and pay for it in installments of 32,7 € per month!


OMG Offensive Machine Gun Full Metal LMG Airsoft

OMG Offensive Machine Gun Full Metal LMG ...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Back to the forum after a long time! Hope you had a great Christmas friends.

This Christmas I decided to gift myself a RedStar OMG Offensive Machine Gun and got it a few days back as well. I absolutely recommend this for players who are in favor of SAW or LMG airsoft guns. The reason why the write-up begins with “OMG” is obvious. Not only does the gun itself is called OMG, this...

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New AEG by ARES, Full auto Machine Gun.
Weight: 4410g
Length: 790mm/ 920mm(Stock Extended)
Material: Metal & ABS
Hop Up: Adjustable
Power: 360fps
Capacity: 1100rds(6mm BB)
Fire Mode: Full Auto / Safe
Battery Place: Gas Tube
Battery Connector: Small Connector
System: 8.4V AK Type Battery(Excluded)


  • by TMC 7 years ago


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