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Electric G&G CM16 Wild Hog 9"
375 GPB

Electric G&G CM16 Wild Hog 9"

Hi all!

Looking to sell my Electric G&G CM16 9" Barrel.

Price is £375 ono.

Details as follows:

This RIF is in excellent condition as when its not being used its kept in a hard protective case Attachments include...

A Holographic sight with Red/Green Sights for Day/Night Usage with various opticals.
A vertical foregrip,
A Laser/Torch with pressure trigger on the foregrip.

Echo1 M14 Combat Master EBR
250 USD

Echo1 M14 Combat Master EBR

I am selling my Echo1 M14 Combat Master AEG. Its in excellent condition. Includes original box, two mags, battery, charger and foregrip. Optics not included

G&G CM16 Raider (new)
190 USD

G&G CM16 Raider (new)

Brand new CM16 Raider, I got it as a birthday present for my younger brother but he didn't like the style of the AEG. It comes with all its original components which it comes stock with which is the battery, battery charger, 450 round high cap magazine, and un-jamming rod and even comes with it's original box. I also added a Lancer Tactical red/green dot sight, Condor single point sling, a foregri...

A&K M16A3 + Dytac M4A1 + 2x J.G. Works Bar 10 $400.00
400 USD

A&K M16A3 + Dytac M4A1 + 2x J.G. Work...

Hey Guys. I'm selling some old Airsoft gear before I go off to college. I have a really good deal and if you know someone who is interested, share this with them.

**$400.00 bundle**
The entire list would even out to $644.00 but I am selling the entire pack for $100.00 a gun, being an even $400.00 for the entire list.

Here is what I am selling:

(Owned for 1 Year)
1x A&K M16A3 (Bl...

Sun Project M16a1 First GBB M16 Super Rare
600 USD

Sun Project M16a1 First GBB M16 Super Rar...

Super Rare Sun Project M16 that is collecting dust in my closet. This is the first GBB M16 and what all modern day GBB guns are built after. Used external gas source (so no gas in mags) and used normal AEG mags (can still use all your high caps) Awesome gun

LONE SURVIVOR - MK12 Mod1 SPR custom build part 1

LONE SURVIVOR - MK12 Mod1 SPR custom buil...

This is the first part of my custom build of the MK12 Mod 1 SPR used by Mark Wahlberg in the movie Lone Survivor.

I am trying to build it as close as possible but mostly using scrap parts from my pile of junk guns. I will be purchasing some accessories but not many. I am using reference pictures from the movie and pictures of the Prop Store replica.

If you like what you see, please subsc...

ICS WW2 Guns

ICS WW2 Guns


Today I am going to introduce our World War II series airsoft guns – M1 Garand and the M3 Submachine gun (Greaser).

Please find some available images in the attachment.

ICS M1+M3.jpg

The ICS M1 Garand is a full metal real wood semi-auto electric powered Airsoft rifle. It is constructed entirely out of metal and real wood, giving it a very realistic look an...

HK416 Stock

HK416 Stock

6 Position Sliding Stock for HK416 / M4 / M16 AEG restock in ONTOPAIRSOFT

Color:OD /BK/TAN



G&G Armament CM16 RAIDER - 744.00 lei (169.33 euro)

220 USD


the CM18 MOD1 DST is a AEG airsoft gun. it comes with two 5000 and one half of one ammo packs. you can change it to semi-auto and fully automatic. the box isn't in the best condition but the gun is. the magazine can hold up to 120 ammo at a time. it comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. it has four grips on the front and two changeable sites. you also can move the stock and change the w...


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