M4: An airsoft M4 is an airsoft version of the military assault rifle known as the M4. It is made in many variants, but always involves an upper and lower receiver that is aesthetically similar to an M4. The length of the faux gas tube assemble and the use of an adjustable stock are also usually indicative of an M4 replica. Airsoft M4s can be found in AEG, GBBR, Electro-pneumatic, or spring configurations. It is a common choice for players that want to simulate the load outs of many military forces.
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Echo 1 Platinum Edition M4
250 USD

Echo 1 Platinum Edition M4

This is an amazing gun, a tan Echo1 Platinum Edition M4 runs about 400fps and a echo1 brand LiPo battery. The gun has a barrel tip attatchment, comes with three mags, has a hand grip. I paid 360 dollars for the stock gun. It shoots very nicely and is lightweight

Tokyo Marui Patriot M4 HC
285 USD

Tokyo Marui Patriot M4 HC

I bought one of these and customs said they wouldn't release it and would return to sender, so I bought another from a different store. They ended up releasing it and now I have two... This is a sweet hybrid between an SMG and an M4. High capacity without the buttstock.

Valken Battle Machine M4 Mod-L (Desert)
85 USD

Valken Battle Machine M4 Mod-L (Desert)

In great condition. Good range and accuracy. Comes with original box. 14mm negative threads. Shoots around 380 FPS. Comes with 360 Round high cap.

PTS EPM Marui Recoil M4/SCAR Magazines 120 rnd PRE ORDER

PTS EPM Marui Recoil M4/SCAR Magazines 12...

PTS EPM Marui Recoil M4/SCAR Magazines 120 rnd PRE ORDER

PRE ORDER - available in approx 3 weeks

Please order on their own

These will be shipped out when they are delivered to us

PTS EPM TM Recoil Shock M4 SCAR DE Magazine 120 rnd PRE ORDER


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles. The EPM is a t...

Lancer Tactical M4 A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun
70 USD

Lancer Tactical M4 A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft...

Getting new stuff. Might as well sell my previous items.

Echo1 Zombat stryker
180 USD

Echo1 Zombat stryker

Never feilded zombat stryker cqb m4. Have taken out of the box and chronoed but have never taken into a game. will meet up or ship for +10$. For pictures just ask because for some reason all of the photos are to big to be posted on this idk how to fix them. Got this gun from a mystery box but it shoots to hot (380 fps with .25s) so im selling it.

Custom polarstar
1500 USD

Custom polarstar

I am selling my custom polarstarthat comes with everything and then some! It works beautifully! I am getting out of the hobby because of time, therefore I'm sadly selling it.

Here is a link to a video of my gun so you can get a better look at it.


It comes with two completely custo...

400 USD


I'm selling my KWA LM4 because I am getting out of the hobby. It works perfectly.

I have put an aftermarket rail on front, but it also comes with the original rail.

The package comes with everything you see in pictures except the scope.

Comes with gun, hop-up adjuster, silencer, stock, 7 magazines, laser/light combo, and original box.

Selling Tippmann M4 Carbine 500 CAD
400 USD

Selling Tippmann M4 Carbine 500 CAD

500 CAD for m4. Black tip, not selling to the US.
Never used in field. Used three times in garage at target. Stored in gun bag; perfect condition. Have manuals, box, tools.
Converted to HPA; can easily switch back, tools included. Can include coil remote and slide check, and HPA tank, for 50, if wanted and still available.
Prices (CAD) for other accessories, all similarly new:
100 condor cross...

Full Airsoft Package
280 USD

Full Airsoft Package

Package includes:
Cyma M4.
JG R36C (Needs minor fixing).
Digital came shirt and pants (Large).
Condura tactical vest.
Tan safety goggles.
.20g Valkin BBs.
.23g TSD tactical BBs.
2 nun-chuck batteries (for the m4).
Green Valkin tactical gloves.
Smart charger.
Skull soft face mask.
90 Round Speed reloader.
4 M4 magazines (1 hi cap 3 mid caps)
2 R36C magazines (Hi cap)
Other miscellane...


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