M4: An airsoft M4 is an airsoft version of the military assault rifle known as the M4. It is made in many variants, but always involves an upper and lower receiver that is aesthetically similar to an M4. The length of the faux gas tube assemble and the use of an adjustable stock are also usually indicative of an M4 replica. Airsoft M4s can be found in AEG, GBBR, Electro-pneumatic, or spring configurations. It is a common choice for players that want to simulate the load outs of many military forces.
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JG M4 S-System 4 Sale
170 USD

JG M4 S-System 4 Sale

Selling everything you see on the gun in the picture, excluding the magazine. I have had this guy for a while, put some new gears in it. Changed out my old stock motor, and also got a longer inner barrel. I took out the heavy hitting spring that made it shoot 420 FPS. I replaced it with one that makes it shoot at 320. Since I mainly play indoor. I can throw them both in the deal if you are interes...

King Arms Colt MOE Magpul M4
175 USD

King Arms Colt MOE Magpul M4

I only took this rifle to the field once. I'm letting it go with one pmag and one fast mag, a Noveske amplifier and a bag of bb's. The stock, hand guard, sights, and grip are all Magpul parts. The only thing needed would be a butterfly 9.6 volt battery pack. I still have it in the box but have a bag for it as well if needed. I can't seem to upload a photo but just hit me up and I'll send a one or ...

230 GPB


CQB version of the very popular WE M4 AEG.
It has an extended MADBULL 6.03 BLACK PYTHON VERSION 2 455 MM tightbore barrel fitted which goes to the end of the mock suppressor.
I will also include the original barrel and flash hider plus another Prometheus EGtightbore barrel to suit the CQB set up. No battery supplied
2 years old used about 7 times
Full metal and high quality intern...

G&G combat machine m4
90 USD

G&G combat machine m4

Hi i am selling a g&g combat machine m4. I Barely use it due to school and stuff.
The condition of the gun is barely used. The items included is a mag, a charger for battery (note my battery died so battery is not included), and bbs
90 is my best offer

TIppmann m4 hpa complete set up!!
700 GPB

TIppmann m4 hpa complete set up!!


Tippman m4 complete hpa set up, the tippman it self has a heavy bolt fitted to give the best realistic blowback the standard bolt is included and simple change over, also has a red glare scope and 2 adjustable stocks easily changeable, the gun comes with 3 mags, 1 of them being the standard tippman mag which can be used for co2 and the fittment is in the kit.
There's 2 air lines t...

Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR Airsoft AEG Rifle - Dark Earth
80.00 USD

Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR Airsoft AEG Rifle...

Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR Airsoft AEG Rifle for sale. Used once in an indoors airsoft arena and wasn't a big fan of the gun, so I'm deciding to sell it. Not sure on what to say about this gun other than I've used it once and never used it again, it's practically new. I haven't lost any parts to it, so everything will be in the box, as shown in picture. Need more pictures, text me.



Double Eagle M41A G36C replica
20 GPB

Double Eagle M41A G36C replica

Owned for only a week. Purchased at the MCM Comic Con expo in London on 29.10.16. This is in mint condition. Have since purchased an electric one instead.

This is a single shot, spring action.

Will come boxed like new with:
The rifle
Short muzzle
Small pack of BBs

M4 Para CQB
175 GPB

M4 Para CQB


SRC m4 micro does 300fps and is the stock and rail is sprayed black and replaced the pistol grip with a black one though the rail needs a touch up of black paint on one side.

one high cap mag and battery included.

Replaced the flipup sight with a magpul one.

All in all a very powe...

Ares Amoeba AM-009 M4 base modified electric
190 GPB

Ares Amoeba AM-009 M4 base modified elect...

Ares Amoeba Am-009 based customised M4. Originally from Patrol Base, gun has:

Sprayed black
Custom pistol grip
New front wired gearbox with removable battery box
Fore grip
Stock flip up sights
Rear sling mounting plate
Custom retractable stock with storage box for spare batteries for sights
New fire selector switch
Custom fit mag well grip (had to be filed down and fettled to fit the ...

King Arms Full Metal ColtM4A1 AIRSOFT GBB Rifle
150 USD

King Arms Full Metal ColtM4A1 AIRSOFT GBB...

King Arms Full Metal ColtM4A1 AIRSOFT GBB Rifle

Includes an $85 Walther PS 55 Dot Sight, Red Duplex Reticle, 7 Brightness Settings, 1/4 MOA, Integral Weaver Mount

This is one of the best AIRSOFT gas blowback in the market which can lead to a totally different type of gaming. It is fully ATF approved with tons of after-market conversion kits. Great compatibility and parts because it is 99% co...

  • by paul 1 month ago


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