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Brandit Foster Mountain Sweater at Military 1st

Brandit Foster Mountain Sweater at Milita...

Comfortable and warm Brandit Foster Mountain Sweater is in stock now at Military 1st online store.

Perfect for winter camping, hiking or travel, Brandit Foster Mountain Sweater comes with cosy buttoned shawl collar and inverted thick decorative seams.

Find more details at

24 Hours in the Mountains: Operation Viper Strike | RAPTAC

24 Hours in the Mountains: Operation Vipe...

Three days before Operation Viper Strike the first FRAGOS dropped for the guys at RAPTAC or RAPTOR Tactical Applications and Operations. The original AO suddenly became unavailable, and while a new AO was located, maps and months of pre planning had to be reorganized. No sweat for guys that do change-of-plans for a living.

Operation Viper Strike was a 24 hour Op set in the mountains of Wester...

Red Mountain Seals

Red Mountain Seals

Milsim team based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

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The KHMountain M7A1

The KHMountain M7A1

This is my second review on an amazingly fun replica of the primary weapon system elite forces use for low profile operations.

I'll go as in depth as I possibly can on this one, with a possible video demonstrating key functions of this amazing replica.

Thank you to my sponsor: for the supply of this EPIC aeg.

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Mountain Militia Airsoft

Mountain Militia Airsoft

We are a small County team that believes in using airsoft not only for fun but to further our skills in weapons manipulation and improve our tactical response abilities. Most of us came from a MCJROTC unit at our local High School where we extended our knowledge of the Marine Corps, but like most other teams we aren't serious all the time as you can see from some of our training photos. Our missio...

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Following Operation Lion Claws 12, GMR Banned

Following Operation Lion Claws 12, GMR Ba...

This past weekend Operation Lion Class hosted their name sake, Operation Lion Claws 12. It was not without controversy however, as a well known MilSim Team The Green Mountain Rangers was permanently banned from OLCMSS events. This follows a recent ban from Blacksheep Milsim events this past year.

While we do not have details as to what happened (are really, it’s between GMR and OLCMSS) this is ...

Operation: Mountain Freedom (Centurion Airsoft)

Operation: Mountain Freedom (Centurion Ai...

Operation: Mountain Freedom (2017)

In 2013, President of Indonesia; Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of the Democratic Party was taken ill for unknown reasons and forced to step down from office.

Vice-President Boediono carried on until the next scheduled elections in 2014, in which they were narrowly beaten by the IPP (Indonesian Prosperity Party): A left-of-centre Moderate Islamist party with id...


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