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RAP4 Mag-Fed Movement Tour

RAP4 Mag-Fed Movement Tour

MAG-FED MOVEMENT Tour! Yes, you heard it here first. RAP4 is proud to be kicking off our first Mag-Fed Movement Tour starting this November 1st. We will be bringing mag-fed to the MASSES! Join us with our Mag Fed Movement as the Mag Fed Mobile coasts across the nation. Love mag fed? Join us! Want to know what mag fed is? Join us! The Mag Fed Mobile will be equipped with the latest mag fed innovati...

  • by RAP4 5 years ago

Magpul PTS – D.A.S. Courses

Magpul PTS – D.A.S. Courses

Following up on the news that we published on August 8th about the Magpul PTS Dynamic Action Sport
(see HERE: ), Magpul PTS announced on their facebook page that Dynamic Action Sport courses will soon be available, in a first stage with two different modules, PTS – Cabine and Pistol Techniques and the Basic Team Movement Course. For more information on thi...

The Airsoft Movement

The Airsoft Movement

We are an orginization created to promote airsoft to the general audience as well as to provide information to fellow airsofters. we do reviews, guides, videos memes and just about anything that relates to airsoft!

please like us on facebook:

follow us on twitter:

friend us on the airsoft forum: http://www.airso...

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