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Review: MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusader Barrel

Review: MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusade...

I’ve recently had the opportunity to run a very nice setup on my WE Katana AEG: the Madbull Noveske NSR handguard and Crusader outer barrel. Together they work in a way that the guns gains balance, ergonomics and looks:

MadBull Airsoft have simply the best and most realistic accessories for Airsoft guns in the market nowadays. The fact that they have several major real steel brands licensi...

A2FPS.COM - NSR Handguard

A2FPS.COM - NSR Handguard


MadBull Noveske NSR 13.5 Inch M4 Handguard

MadBull Noveske NSR 13.5 Inch M4 Handguar...

MadBull has produced almost a complete line of Noveske airsoft products, so when Noveske released the NSR, it wasn't long before MadBull had the fully trademarked airsoft version available. The NSR is one of the first handguards to incorporate the KeyMod system, a new attachment system for rifle accessories. The MadBull NSR series is available in 7, 9, 11, and 13.5 inch lengths.

MadBull Noveske NSR Rail - Airsoft Obsessed

MadBull Noveske NSR Rail - Airsoft Obsess...

Believe it. Here is my article on the new MadBull Noveske NSR rail, which of course was installed on my Echo1 Platinum M4 AEG.

MadBull introduces the NOVESKE NSR-7”/9”/11”/13.5” HANDGUARD

MadBull introduces the NOVESKE NSR-7”/9”/...

Here we go again!

Another AWESOME handguard from MadBull, a definite must have for you M4 AEG!!

Madbull is pleased to announce the release of ultra light-weight, über ergonomic Noveske NSR handguard for the airsoft market! The NSR was designed with the goal of being the lightest and smallest free floating forend option to the M16 family of weapons. The KeyMod system offers a mounting platfor...

Madbull Airsoft – Noveske NSR Handguards soon?

Madbull Airsoft – Noveske NSR Handguards ...

Earlier this week Madbull Airsoft released a picture on their facebook page of what could be the next line of Handguards from Madbull Airsoft, the Noveske NSR.
The picture was was accompanied by the phrase: "Say HI to Noveske NSR!"

And for now not much is known about this project from Madbull Airsoft, but we here at OP7 decided to investigate a little bit more and went to the Novesk...


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