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eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Price

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special...

1.ARMY AUG Keymod Tactical AEG

2.Armorer Works M1911 GBB

3.A.P.S. Black Hornet GBB

4.Tanaka Works .380 Auto GB...

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Sale

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special...

eHobbyAsia.com Hot Products & Special Sale

1.Cybergun COLT M4 AEG

2.Tanaka SAA Revolver

3.ASG Dan Wesson 715 Revolver

HK-416+ ammo, battery.  (VERY GOOD CONDITION)
55 USD

HK-416+ ammo, battery. (VERY GOOD CONDIT...

hey guys my names conner and i grew up in austin. i dont want the internet knowing were i live it just doesint feel safe to me. I will say i live very close to leander, but just so u know im not a scammer i can deliver it if your 45 mins or less away from leander. the ammo isint full with 5000 bullets but its close

for all the stuff ammo, battery, and gun= 65$
gun= 55$
battery= 10...

LONE SURVIVOR - MK12 Mod 1 SPR - custom build part 2

LONE SURVIVOR - MK12 Mod 1 SPR - custom b...

This is the second part of my custom build of the MK12 Mod 1 SPR airsoft replica used by Mark Wahlberg in the movie Lone Survivor. I am trying to build it as close as possible but mostly using scrap parts from my pile of junk guns. I will be purchasing some accessories but not many. I am using reference pictures from the movie and pictures of the Prop Store replica.

In this part I build the upp...

eHobby - Product Special

eHobby - Product Special

Amoeba (ARES) M4 CCR Tactical Pistol AEG
- Metal 92mm RAS Handguard With Nylon Fiber Foregrip
- Nylon Fiber Receiver and Extended Top Rail with built-in front / rear Sight
- Engraved "AMOEBA" Logo marking on receiver
- 95mm Outer barrel with 55mm Metal Flashider
- 245mm Folding Stock
- Comes with 300 rounds hi-cap steel housing magazine

Link: goo.gl/3...

eHobby - Product Special

eHobby - Product Special

G&P MOTS Keymod Stubby Killer AEG (Typa B, Black)
-SEMI & FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode
-MOTS Metal Body (Black) (MEB014BK)
-MOTS 4" Keymod (KEY008F)
-9" Outer Barrel (BRL034)
-Stubby 9mm Silencer (Clockwise) (Black)
-Plastic Selector (Black) (COP077BK)
-Skull Frog Hi-Cap Magazine (Black) (MAG011BK)
-Ball Ball Grip (Black) (COP039B)
-Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight (GP2...

G&G AK47/Valken MOD-L/Elite Force 1911 Tac bundle
280 USD

G&G AK47/Valken MOD-L/Elite Force 191...

so i traded away my KWA MP7, got a TM VSR-10 on its way, BUT that does no good if i cant fund my season, so lets get right into it.

This bundle will Include: X1 G&G RK47 in Black with 4 magazines, Battery and a connector to rewire the gun to mini tamiya. X1 Valken MOD-L M4 with 2 Midcaps, can throw in a vertical grip if your serious in the bundle. X1 Elite Force M1911 Tac painted black with...

eHobby - Product Special

eHobby - Product Special

Umarex (VFC) H&K HK416C AEG Airsoft Rifle
-- Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body
-- Fully / Semi-Auto Shooting Mode
-- 210mm Metal Made Outer Barrel With 60mm Steel Flash Hider
-- HK416C 175mm free-floating rail system Handguard
-- 3 Position Heat Treated Steel Telescoping Retractable stock
-- 320rds Hi-Cap Loading Capacity metal Magazine (it's so rea...

Hot New Products & Great Saving from eHobbyAsia.com

Hot New Products & Great Saving from ...

Hot New Products & Great Saving from eHobbyAsia.com

1.EAC Steel Hi-Power GBB

2.A.P.S. Scorpion D-MOD GBB

3.A.P.S. ASR118 EBB (3Gun / RS1)

eHobby - Product Special

eHobby - Product Special

TMC Jay Fast Mask
- Constructed of Polymer
- Tactical Stylish Face Mask for protection against BB's
- Withstand the hit of high power airsoft rifle
- Half face protection
- Carefully design to allow space between mask & month for easy breathing
- Able to applied onto your helmet (Not Include Helmet)
- Adjustable & Elastic Belt Strap
- Black Color




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