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VFC polarstar dmr
750 USD

VFC polarstar dmr

Polarstar v.2 with vfc m4a1 body.
Orga 6.23-120
Prowin chamber -35
Promy soft bucking-15
Promy flat hop-15
P* v.2 engine -400
Redline rig- 160
2 bottles 62/3000 and 48/3000- 100
Vfc m4a1- 200
Optic- 180 vism short dot
Suppressor- 30
Red+ nozzle, red nozzle, blue nozzle 40
Replica dd 12 in rail- 55
speed trigger- 25
1350 in parts
Excellent dmr, insane range with .3+ bb. Selli...

Polarstar M4 and gear
950 USD

Polarstar M4 and gear

I have for sale my entire airsoft collection. I am a college student and need the cash for classes and books. Here is what is all included: G&G m4a1 with a polarstar engine swap, precision bore barrel (tight bores are not good for air power), 10 m4 mags, 3000psi slp air tank, 3ft air hose, with matching hose into the engine, 7.4v mini lipo battery (only needs to power the computer, the rest of...

70% Off Clearance Sale, PolarStar JACK, New Battle Machines!

70% Off Clearance Sale, PolarStar JACK, N...

**70% OFF CLEARANCE at AirSplat!** No Coupon Code Required. Get this APS M4A1 EBB for only $60!!

**JACK V2 from PolarStar Airsoft!** Now available at AirSplat! Pre-orders ship first and standard orders ship on a first come, first serve basis. Limited quantities available for $315. Get yours today!

Code Red, Condor 15%, PolarStar JACK & MORE at AirSplat!

Code Red, Condor 15%, PolarStar JACK &...

Code Red Headsets Battle Zero Bone Conduction Airsoft Headset M6 & Kenwood - AirSplat on Demand

**15% OFF CONDOR OUTDOOR ENDS TOMORROW!** Don't miss your chance to get 15% off Condor Outdoor items at AirSplat until tomorrow, June 1!

**"JACK" PolarStar Airsoft SYSTEM COMING SOON TO AIRSPLAT!** Look fo...

PolarStar MP7 Custom, Captain America, 50% Off and More!

PolarStar MP7 Custom, Captain America, 50...

PolarStar MP7 Airsoft SMG Silent Custom - AirSplat on Demand! Watch the video on how it works!

AirSplat Approved! The Captain stopped by AirSplat HQ! Like, Comment, & SHARE! 3809 Durbin St., Irwindale, CA 91706

**$100 OFF JG M4 CQB AEG!** Get 50% OFF this JG M4 CQB Airsoft Electric Gun AEG 6614 when you ...

FREE Gun Giveaways, Custom PolarStar MP7, Real Sword & MORE!

FREE Gun Giveaways, Custom PolarStar MP7,...

**WIN YOUR DREAM GUN!** Christmas on AirSplat is back once again! We will select a few lucky winners to win their dream gun from www.AirSplat.com!
Enter to WIN via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! Like, Comment, & SHARE with #ChristmasOnAirSplat
Good luck everyone! Hope you guys have a jolly holiday season! Winners will be selected and announced on the AirSplat Official Blog on December 26th.

Polarstar built HK 416Cs and Elite Force 4CRLs!!!

Polarstar built HK 416Cs and Elite Force ...

Announcement!!!! We will have 150 Polarstar Hk 416Cs and 50 P* Elite Force 4CRLs built by Polarstar with a 1 year warranty(on engines) coming soon! Engines will have our EF shield on them. Price Hk 416C @ $849.99 and EF 4CRLs @ $824.99. Check with your local dealer or favorite online retailer to get yours preordered!!!! Photos by @airsoft_obsessed_dave

Palouse Airsoft Milsim Promo Video

Palouse Airsoft Milsim Promo Video

This is a promo video for Palouse Airsoft.

Palouse Airsoft is a group operating out of south eastern Washington State, and neighboring Idaho. They focus on realism and milsim, but also play more traditional airsoft games like black hawk down, capture the flag, and king of the hill. Members of Palouse Airsoft regularly attend milsim games locally, r...

Evike.com - G&P Magazine Assist Place

Evike.com - G&P Magazine Assist Place

Matt presents to you the G&P Magazine Assist Plate for "G&P High RPS" high capacity magazine for airsoft AR platforms for assistance in quick reloading of fresh magazine to rifle especially when precious seconds count. Available in single or 10-pack, this is made of high quality ABS and you can use it easily with gloves on. Since this is for hi-cap mags, there is a cut-out area f...



Après une attente certaine de nos meilleurs clients, voici en exclusivité le premier custom "Polarstar" inside, par l'Atelier Airsoft !!!

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le système c'est juste la prochaine évolution de l'airsoft ! Plus de batterie à charger, une constance et une précision accrue, une puissance et cadence modulable à volonté en un instant, des répliques plus légères.....


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