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Altyn Helmet with visor (replica) made in Russia

Altyn Helmet with visor (replica) made in...

✨ built-in headset compatible with Baofend and Kenwood radios
✨ comfortable, does not shift during intensive movements
✨ shell is 8 mm thick fiberglass
✨ visor is from 1.5 mm thick steel sheet and glass of 4 mm optical polycarbonate
✨ weight of the helmet is 2.2 kg

Worldwide shipping



We have all the models of Russian Army helmets (replicas) (6B27, 6B28, 6B7-1M and 6B47) in stock! Worldwide shipping.

PARTs made in Russia for AK/PM....

PARTs made in Russia for AK/PM....

Many people ask about PARTS that are used for Russian Airsoft equipment.

Yes, we do have them. PARTS are securely hidden on our website thanks to our long-long menu. LOL:)

Here they are!

Airsoftstore:Export welcomes_Russian tactical gear and parts

Airsoftstore:Export welcomes_Russian tact...

Airsoftstore:Export OnlineStore was created especially for our international customers to let them make orders at competitive price and get high quality tactical equipment made in Russia.
We are a branch of a wellknown in Russian Federation Airsoft store
Worldwide shipping
Facebook: is a supplier of Soviet and Russian army, military surplus. Here you can buy Gorka-3, Gorka-4 uniforms, Russian camo uniforms, BDU clothing, caps, ushanka fur hats, gas masks, belts, badges, patches, other navy, vdv, spetsnaz (special forces) tactical combat gear for airsoft, paintball, reenactment, hiking, other outdoor activities, costume party, fancy dress, historical theate...

Russian Bears

Russian Bears

Russian Bears is an Airsoft team which is located in Co.Dublin. The reason we have decided to make a team is that we found our Airsofting expirience to be much better when we implemented strategys and team work to our games.

  • Members: 1
  • Category: Teams

"Granite-14", the movie (Russia, 2015)

"Granite-14", the movie (Russia...

20 hours of preparatory work before the shooting;
36 hours of filming;
400 hours of post-production

This is something that really is not ashamed to show people.

You will need a dark room, a good pair of headphones, and an comfortable chair.
Quality at a maximum, the sound is louder.
I hope the film will not disappoint you)
Enjoy watching!

Pro-T and Proteus 2 HPA engines. Made In Russia

Pro-T and Proteus 2 HPA engines. Made In ...

At the show Straykkon 2016, Tuffnation company (Russia) showed new developments in HPA engines. It represented 2 product:
1. Pro-T - drop in kit HPA engine for the standard gearboxes.
2. Ready modular HPA engine with replaceable nozzles

In this videо: structure system and testing of Pro-T at a distance of 65-75 meters.


From Mother Russia!KNIGHT MODEL SUIT- CAM...

Price: 142 Euro
K.O.: An excellent field suit for daily use. Being thought out to the last detail, it is perfect for security officials, airsoft players, and just for fans of good modern camouflaging dress clothing.
P.O.: Unique, very comfortable fit, expanded armhole. The removable hood is fastened with a double velcro, which is designed so that to be closed in the unbuttone...

"Granite-14", the airsoft movie.

"Granite-14", the airsoft movie...

In December 2015, Chelyabinsk (Russia) ended with the production of short airsoft action movie "Granit-14."

The movie tells the story of the confrontation between two teams - the "Russians" and "Americans".
Command of "Americans" receives intelligence information about transportation by "Russians" of an important chip to air defense control sy...


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