Search results King Arms BBs - 0.25 & 0.28 King Arms BBs - 0.25 & 0.28

News amongst our BBs, now we've got King Arms 0.25 (4000 pieces) and 0.28 (3600 pieces) BBs.
Also check out the rest of our BB supply!


=> offers Classic Army M249 Boxmag offers Classic Army M249 Boxmag

Boxmag for Classic Army and A&K M249 Replicas has a capacity of 1200 BBs, is a lot quieter and more compact than the serial mag; and represents another great new item in Hristo Airsoft Store Supply!

=> Tactical Gear Supply Tactical Gear Supply

Fresh news, quality items, fair prices: Classic Army Tactical Vest IV for 45.81 €, and Black Classic Army Tactical Belt for just 11.68 EUR!


=> Holiday Offers Holiday Offers

Holiday Atmosphere can be felt in Hristo Airsoft Store so keep checking the SPECIAL OFFER section at All the products with the holiday decoration are on Holiday Discount, and will be till the end of the Holiday Season or while stocks last. Don't worry, we'll be adding new Offers every week!

=> supply of Fobus Holsters supply of Fobus Holsters

Fobus Holsters, many variants - for lefties, righties, wide belt, narrow belt - explained in the product details. We ship to all European countries!


Find us at: offers SHS Super Shooter 18:1 Gear Set offers SHS Super Shooter 18:1 G...

Some of the reasons we're excited about SHS Super Shooter 18:1 Gear Set:

Steel made, CNC machined gears
Sector Gear with a built-in Ball Bearing Delayer which enables more reliable feed with high ROF, as well as less resistance and longer Tappet Plate life
Sector and Spur Gear axle with Ball Bearing
Bevel Gear with Six Teeth for contact with the Anti-reversal Latch, which increases reliabili... Special Offer Special Offer

Save Money by purchasing Action Bundle from Hristo Airsoft Store! CYMA AKS-74M + Dboys GP-30 Grenade Launcher, price for the Set is just 249.27 EUR!
(You Save 34 EUR!)


You can also follow us here: - A&K SR-25K Back in Stock! - A&K SR-25K Back in Stock!

More nice stuff is back in our supply: A&K SR-25K! We deliver to all European countries, even for free in certain cases (orders above 66 EUR to Slovenia and Hungary).


Brigada 021

Brigada 021

Brigada 021 was at one point the only airsoft team in Novi Sad.

We carefully select our players, which all undergo a wide range of training and tests over a period of time, and if they pass, become part of our team.

Our team enjoys all types of scenarios, but we share a special passion of CQB.

Brigada021 is looking forward to new friendship from around the globe!

Feel free to contact...

  • Members: 0
  • Category: Teams offers Cyma MP5SD6! offers Cyma MP5SD6!

Many inquiries have come asking about this model, and now it's available in Hristo Airsoft Store - Cyma MP5SD6! Shipping is FREE to Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia... We deliver all across Europe!



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