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AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 22nd, 2014

AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 2...

Sunday morning's mission day was one of the most fun I have had in a few months. We only had seven operators show up but the numbers did not diminish the four scenarios that were held. The first three scenarios were four on three 'Attack and Defend' and the last was the 'Down Pilot' scenario. We kept the field boundaries small which kept the scenarios very intimate. I have to admit that the best s...

New  Phantom Corsairs Forum & Message Boards

New Phantom Corsairs Forum & Message...

I would like to Welcome you to the Phantom Corsairs Forum & Message Boards!!

Please join in and share your stories, sell your extra gear and have fun with fellow Airsofters/Operators.

Colonel, Commander
Phantom Corsairs

Phantom Corsairs' First Mission Day

Phantom Corsairs' First Mission Day

Saturday January 25, 2014 the Phantom Corsairs held their first Mission Day.

The day was meant for a small group of Airsoft Operators to learn the new field and to work out some scenario bugs. The field was received very well by the small group of operators. Words like "Awesome", "Great Field", "Lots of Potential", etc. were used. We even had some new and young ope...

Phantom Corsair's New Fields

Phantom Corsair's New Fields

The Phantom Corsairs now has not just one field but two. The Commander (Ghost) of the Phantom Corsairs secured a second field for Mission Days, training and game play.

Phantom Corsairs

Phantom Corsairs

The Phantom Corsairs is a new Airsoft MilSim/CQB Team/Club located in Northern California in the Yuba Sutter Counties area.

The Phantom Corsairs goal is to be competing in Airsoft Operations/Games in the region and attending training operations/Games within the region.

We will be holding our own operations/Games in the local Yuba/Sutter area.

Respect - Integrity - Morality

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