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Review: Strike Systems (ASG) MOLLE Full-Set Vest

Review: Strike Systems (ASG) MOLLE Full-S...

A nice debut for Airsoft Portugal. Coming directly from our Danish friends at ASG - Action Sport Games, this amazing MOLLE Full-Set Vest from the Strike Systems line comes to defy all other brands with a solid bet on quality and durability. We're going to tell you all about our experience with this amazing item and its components.

10 Most Expensive (and Awesome) Airsoft Systems

10 Most Expensive (and Awesome) Airsoft S...

What are the Most Expensive Airsoft Guns and Systems?

Robbie gives his recommendations for his 10 favorite airsoft systems.

10. PolarStar Fusion Engine / Pr-15

The Polarstar Fusion Engine (FE) is an amazing advancement in airsoft. It use high pressure air (HPA) to propel the BB instead of using a spring and piston. It uses standard AEG mags and can be adjusted to use poorly feeding magazi...

IWA 2014 // Airsoft Systems ASAR-15 and Magazines

IWA 2014 // Airsoft Systems ASAR-15 and M...

Vladimir from Airsoft Systems is talking about his european made ASAR 15 rifle which is since 2 years in development. Now his product hits the final stage after 10 month of intensive testing and will soon be ready for the market. The glossy coating will be changed/improved before the release. This Airsoft will availble around June 2014.

Watch our detailed video and see all pictures here: http:/...

BAE Systems: Q-Warrior

BAE Systems: Q-Warrior

Q-Warrior is BAE Systems’ latest iteration of their helmet-mounted display technology, designed like a pilot’s HUD but modified for ground forces, including Friend-or-Foe identification and the capability to coordinate small unit actions. Q-Warrior significantly increases situational awareness capabilities for the ‘dismounted soldier’ – personnel operating out of their vehicles. The Q-Warrior util...

Airsoft Systems – M4 Polymer Mid-Caps now available

Airsoft Systems – M4 Polymer Mid-Caps now...

The new Airsoft Systems polymer magazines are now available or on the way to the main distributors for Airsoft Systems products like Redwolf Airsoft (HK/UK), Zshot (USA/Canada/Mexico), Gunfire (Poland) and Airsoft Mechanix (Portugal) just to name a few (complete list HERE: High Quality but yet low cost 85rds mid-cap polymer M4 magazines made by Airsoft System...

RAP4 Flexi-Air Systems

RAP4 Flexi-Air Systems

Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce you to our extensive line of stocks for our T68 markers and those other markers equipped with RAP4 Flexi-Air Systems. These stocks reproduce modern duty-issue stocks in size, fit, finish, and function, and even bring you the excitement of several hot aftermarket military stocks and classic designs. We engineer each stock for the rigors of our sport, whil...

  • by RAP4 5 years ago

SNIPER AS Warrior Assault Systems products in stock!

SNIPER AS Warrior Assault Systems product...

Huge product update at SNIPER AS from Warrior Assault Systems.

Check out the teasers and see what they have for you!


Beez Combat Systems – Triple AK Shingle

Beez Combat Systems – Triple AK Shingle

New from Beez Combat Systems, the BCS AK47 triple magazine shingle is designed to carry three 30 round AK47 magazines. The open top 3 mag AK47 shingle can be mounted to any PALS compatible vest or plate carrier.

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TacticalAssaultSystems - Powertraveller Military Kits

TacticalAssaultSystems - Powertraveller M...

Extreme Outfitters is offering limited numbers of three different Tactical Assault Systems versions of the popular Powertraveller system. All three versions come packed in a PALS compatible pouch in either Black, Coyote or MultiCam.

Tactical Assault Systems Extreme Military Kit

Included in the kit
• 9000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Unit
• High Performance Solar Panel
• Mains Charger
• In ...

How to Use your MOLLE systems

How to Use your MOLLE systems

Here a step by step set up of a pouch on a computer bag.


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