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Haley Strategic Partners – Incog Rifle Bag

Haley Strategic Partners – Incog Rifle Ba...

A range bag. A discreet carry bag. The perfect organizer for your pelican case. The HSP Incog Rifle Bag is all of the above. Designed to hold an assembled 14.5″ carbine or a broken down SPR, the HSP Incog Rifle Bag is the perfect way to transport your kit to the range without drawing attention to yourself.

Offered in Haley Strategic Partners signature Disruptive Grey, the HSP Incog Rifle Bag is...

Haley Strategic – Announces Partnership with Tactical Kit UK

Haley Strategic – Announces Partnership w...

March 19, 2014 - Haley Strategic Partners is very pleased to announce a partnership with our new exclusive UK distributor, Tactical Kit. Tactical Kit now offers the entire HSP product line to customers in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe. Like HSP’s other exclusive distribution partners, Tactical Kit will have new product releases in-stock and on-hand for day of release purchases.


Haley Strategic – Disruptive Environments Combat Uniforms

Haley Strategic – Disruptive Environments...

Haley Strategic Partners - Disruptive Environments Combat Uniforms
(Starts Shipping December 2013)

A collaboration between the Platatac Special Projects Team, the Haley Strategic Design Group and Australian Special Operations Forces, the D3 Combat Uniform is the next generation of combat apparel designed to move with the body and to promote cooling in arid, desert and hot weather environments....



There is much speculation on how one should reload their primary weapon when in the field. There are many fancy ways of doing so, but what is right to you is always best. This may sound silly but there is no point in attempting to reload in such a way that doesn’t suit you just because someone else says so. It can slow you down if you are not used to it and can possibly be worse due to a bad opini...


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