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STAR L85A2 (SA80) w\SUSAT sight
250 GPB

STAR L85A2 (SA80) w\SUSAT sight

Hardly receives any active usage. Comes with the original mid cap magazine along with the optional 4x SUSAT sight, custom SA80 battery (3300 Nimh) and an unopened box of 10 low cap magazines (30rnd capacity). Both rifle and SUSAT sight are in their original hard cases.

Local pick up is preferred if possible but willing to deliver within the Yorkshire area.

[WTS] (USA - CA) KWA MP7 GBB --3 mags included
160 USD

[WTS] (USA - CA) KWA MP7 GBB --3 mags inc...

KWA Mp7 GBB. New Angel Custom CNC Aluminum Rocket Valve and a Angel Custom MAX Loading Nozzle are installed in the gun. A bolt return spring has been stretched and need to be replaced. Once that's replaced, the gun will work as intended.

Comes with 2 40rd mags and a 20rd mag.

1 of the 40Rd mags is missing its plastic base plate. You can get a replacement on kwa's site.

Pics here- http://i...

Improving usability, number of users and connections

Improving usability, number of users and ...

Airsoft Squared just released 2 small improvements with big impacts on the site :

- A more discrete header
- A completely redesigned process of registration focused on creating more connections between users at the very first visit.

Register here :

  • by rudy 2 years ago

American Bastards! - Your Dollar buys your MOAR!

American Bastards! - Your Dollar buys you...

With the falling CDN dollar comes deals.

If you are buying from the US, you are saving 20% right off the top across the whole store.

BB Bastard US Retailer! - Black Ops Airsoft South

BB Bastard US Retailer! - Black Ops Airso...

South Carolina USA - BB Bastard now available for sale at Black Ops Airsoft South, 991 West Richardson Ave Summerville!

Stop in, grab some, and use them at an amazing field with some great staff who know how to put together a great airsoft event!

3B1M Thundering Third

3B1M Thundering Third
We are a reenactment group focusing on the battle of Al Fallujah which took place in Iraq 2004. Most of our members come from polish city Gdańsk, located in northern Poland, at the Baltic Sea. Reenactment of US Marine Corps is our hobby and a way to spend our free time. Our goal is to share our knowledge about USMC, their inv...

  • Members: 0
  • Category: Teams

TAGINN Production at BlackShip events (USA)

TAGINN Production at BlackShip events (US...

Blacksheep MILSIM formally announces approval for use of Airsoft Pyrotechnics products at all our events.

Blacksheep MILSIM is always looking for products and listening to players on how we can improve not only our games but MILSIM as a sport. Airsoft Pyrotecnics products fill a missing component to MILSIM - DEADSPACE is no longer dead. The TAGinn 40mm M203 round gives the MILSIM Grenadier a re...

Review: MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusader Barrel

Review: MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusade...

I’ve recently had the opportunity to run a very nice setup on my WE Katana AEG: the Madbull Noveske NSR handguard and Crusader outer barrel. Together they work in a way that the guns gains balance, ergonomics and looks:

MadBull Airsoft have simply the best and most realistic accessories for Airsoft guns in the market nowadays. The fact that they have several major real steel brands licensi...

Condor USA Flag Patches at Military 1st

Condor USA Flag Patches at Military 1st

Condor USA Flag Velcro Patches are available now at Military 1st. You can get yours at

Happy Fourth of July!

BCM – Survival Straps

BCM – Survival Straps

The rugged Survival Bracelet™ is expedition ready, super stylish, and preferred by most men.Made in America with a portion of the proceeds going to support America’s heroes.Contains up to 15’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord. In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use.If you use it in an emergency, send BCM your story, hardware, and a photo and they w...


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