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5.11 Tactical - I Am 5.11 w/ Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics (

5.11 Tactical - I Am 5.11 w/ Kyle Lamb of...

“I am 5.11″ is a new series of short videos that showcase the various ambassadors of the 5.11 brand. This first segment features Kyle Lamb, president and founder of Viking Tactics. Stay tuned for future video content from 5.11 Tactical, including training segments, product details, and brand entertainment.
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Viking Tactics – Basic Carbine Fundamentals DVD

Viking Tactics – Basic Carbine Fundamenta...

Whether your carbine still has that new gun smell or has gone through thousands of rounds on the range, it is important to conquer Basic Carbine Fundamentals to get the most out of your weapon. Sergeant Major (R) Kyle Lamb covers a range of topics in this video to ensure basic and advanced carbine operator alike have a solid foundation on which to build their skills and achieve top level performan...

Team Aztec

Team Aztec

Team Aztec, we are located in Denmark and highly dedicated to high-end equipment and gear. We are very dedicated to fair play and quality gameplay.
For the future we are looking to attend to different Milsim events all around the world and are looking for members who would like to join our team, both international and domestic players.

Check out www.AztecAirsoft.com for more information abou...

  • Members: 2
  • Category: Teams


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