A AEG is also called a Airsoft Electric Gun. A AEG is the most common guns in airsoft and there's a lot of brands that make them.Electric-powered airsoft guns typically use rechargeable battery an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic, 3 round burst, and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "airsoft electric guns" or AEGs. These guns often attain muzzle velocities from 150 to 650 ft/s (46 to 200 m/s) and rates of fire of between 100 and 1500 rounds per minute. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun. A AEG is very powerful they can reach really far and can hit hard too, there's also blowbacks AEGs which kick like a realistic gun. The most common battery is an 8.4 V large battery (between 2200 and 5000 mAh.) Also available are "mini" and "stick" batteries, which generally have 900–1600 mAh capacities. Voltages for NiMH batteries range from 7.2 V, all the way up to 12 V. The rule of thumb usually is the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts while the higher voltage, the higher Rate of Fire (RoF). Recently, however, Lithium-Polymer, or Li-po, batteries are becoming more popular in the airsoft world. These batteries can last longer and have higher mAh and Volts while at the same time, being small and light. Li-po batteries are usually at 11.1 V or 7.4 V varying in mAh from 500 mAh to 6500 mAh.
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KWA Airsoft AEG rifle with free red dot site and mags
299 USD

KWA Airsoft AEG rifle with free red dot s...

This KWA airsoft AEG in perfect codition. It was only used once and has no problems. I will throw in 3 extra magazines and a red dot site and a silencer.

G&P mk18 mod1 dark earth
425 USD

G&P mk18 mod1 dark earth

For sale is a G&P mk18 mod1 dark earth, it has a upgraded maple leaf bucking, and a Kwa crane stock, included are 4 mags 3 mid caps and 1 high cap, three 9.6v batteries, a smart charger, a bipod, rail covers both Black and Tan, shorty fore grip, holographic sight, and the case, shoots very well and great for cqb and field scenarios, please text me at 5708095207 and Hopefully we can make a deal...

G&P rapid fire ll with Qd suppressor
350 USD

G&P rapid fire ll with Qd suppressor

For sale is a G&P rapid fire ll with qd suppressor almost new, included is 4 mags, sorry forgot to show in picture but they are 4 high caps, and two batteries, I have all size connectors included since it has deans connectors and I use the small type batteries, please text me at 5708095207 and I'm willing to ship to you if needed if you have questions and I hope to make a deal on this with you

ArmaLite M15A4 AEG
250 USD

ArmaLite M15A4 AEG

Selling my airsoft rifle. I will include:Red dot sight, suppressor, orange flash hider, forward grip, front and rear iron sights, battery, battery smart charger, 3 regular sized 300 round magazines as well as a 5000 round box magazine, and about 2500 20g BBs. Rail covers not included.

I can't upload photos to this website for whatever reason so text me for pictures.

Tokyo-Marui MC-51 AEG.
120 USD

Tokyo-Marui MC-51 AEG.

I've had this gun for several years and it is definitely used. However the only issue I've noticed with it is a decreased FPS over the years. When I bought it, it was at about 285-295. I clocked it recently at 270. The rate of fire is still extremely impressive. The flash hider has fallen off but that doesn't affect the performance at all. If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on upgrades ...

Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Electric Blowback AEG
600 USD

Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Electric Blowback AEG

For sale gently used, rare Tokyo Marui SCAR-L airsoft AEG rifle with electric blowback. The rifle comes with everything that is included in the pictures.

TM SCAR-L AEG in a CQ variant with a manual.
2 1600mAh NiMH batteries with a charger.
4 TM mid-cap 82rds. magazines with an empty mag cut off.
2 high-cap magazines.
Prometheus EG 300mm tight bore barrel (not installed, in original package)...

WTS Custom AEG G&G M4
225 USD

WTS Custom AEG G&G M4

Hello fellow airsofters!

I'm looking to sell my Custom M4 set up customized by Airsoft GI in California.

The M4 is essentially brand new, never played in the field. Probably has roughly up to 900 rounds through it and is a phenomenally straight shooting gun.

Brand New the M4 was well over $300.

My asking price is a relatively firm $225 and i'll throw in all the mags with it, and BB's i...

Seling Custom Full Metal AEG and several mags,gear, dye i4
300 USD

Seling Custom Full Metal AEG and several ...

Selling a Custom Full metal AEG. Around 300 fps and 30 rps. Works perfectly. Also Selling 7 Hi-Cap magazines. Also a Dye-i4 mask (like new) and a spring shotgun. Comes with a vest.

75cm Vulcan M134 electric toy gun seal gatling minigun aeg
135 USD

75cm Vulcan M134 electric toy gun seal ga...

M134 automatic toy

It is a 75cm/29.5 plastic toy gun.
It shoot soft water ball automatically.
The outer six dummy tube will spin
while the middle tube will shoot.

Ammo, battery and charger are included.
Buyers need to put dried ammo into water to enlarge it.

Buyers can pay here and wait for the good:


Returning Policy
We ac...

EPF2 Vertical Foregrip With AEG Battery Storage

EPF2 Vertical Foregrip With AEG Battery S...

EPF2 Vertical Foregrip With AEG Battery

- Light weight.

- Low-drag snag free design prevents interference with other gear.

- Clean lines and elegant design provides improved aesthetics and ergonomics.

- Aggressive enhanced texturing to increase surface traction but strategically panelled with comfort in mind.

- Storage compartment and pass through chan...


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