Airsoft Ireland: Out of Ireland proper, this retailer is unaffected by UKARA regulations. Visit their website, and you'll see the tagline "Ireland's Premier Online Airsoft Store"; truthful as their website reflects their mostly high end weaponry inventory. Any middle or low-grade weapons are mostly found in the "Spring/Fun Pistols" section of the website. Browsing the website, they make sure you are aware of local airsoft law whenever you visit a subcategory. They appear to price in a similar range to other EU retailers. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Airsoft Ireland airsoft guns.
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The Rionegro Escalation

The Rionegro Escalation

The brutal Rionegron civil war is in its third year, but General Veron’s Patriotas may not make it much longer. Last year his troops managed to stop Vice Presedent Munoz’s Republicano advance. However Veron was handed a PR disaster by his Finance minister. The world’s media revealed details of giveaway contracts with multinationals for Rionegro’s resource rights, and negotiations with drug gangs f...

  • Starting Date: August 17, 2013
  • Country: Ireland


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