Airsoft Megastore: Started in 2004, Airsoft Megastore is one of the largest airsoft retailers in the country, if not the world. Like most online retailers, they offer free shipping when you order more than a certain fiscal amount of product, but beat most with a 125% price match guarantee. They stock the most current airsoft guns and accessories apart from more legendary brands like Inokatsu and Marushin. Most online reviews are positive, with a sneaking suspicion that some are written more persuasively than others, but the few that bad are usually about customer service, not product. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Airsoft Megastore airsoft guns.
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Classic Army SR-25 Special Offer at Airsoft Megastore!

Classic Army SR-25 Special Offer at Airso...

Looking for a great new marksman rifle? Classic Army's new SR-25 AEG recently landed here at Airsoft Megastore and we are offering an awesome deal for players that want to get themselves a powerful new loadout for a great price. While supplies last all purchases of a Classic Army SR-25 come included with a panoramic red/green dot sight, flip-to-side mount and 3X magnifier, an amazing optics packag...

Loads of new CYMA M4s at Airsoft Megastore

Loads of new CYMA M4s at Airsoft Megastor...

Looking for an M4 for a great price? We here at Airsoft Megastore recently replenished our inventory with a whole bunch of CYMA M4s in different sizes, builds and velocities. If you are looking to upgrade to a competitive rifle for a great price or need a powerful backup AEG without breaking the bank, don't overlook CYMA's fresh new lineup at Airsoft Megastore!


Full Gameplay of the AMS Gunbuilder AKs in Action!

Full Gameplay of the AMS Gunbuilder AKs i...

Curious as to how effective AMS's custom gunbuilder AKs are in a gameplay situation? We were too! So we invited none other than Airsoftology Jonathan to come by, build his own AK and then the three of us went down with rifles built for the way that we play. To our delight these guns were extremely competitive and we the three of us kicked butt all day! Need proof? Take a look for yourself at us ro...

Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update is Live!

Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update i...

It’s here! The Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder AK expansions is LIVE today! Take a closer look to see how you can build your own highly customized AK style AEG out of a mixture of barrel assemblies, dust covers, pistol grips, buttstocks, magazines, foregrips, optics and more through our intuitive and fun to use interface. Firing at field-legal velocities these guns are lightweight with high rates of...

AK Custom Gun Builder Update Coming Soon!

AK Custom Gun Builder Update Coming Soon!

Airsoft Megastore is proud to announce that our next big update of our groundbreaking Custom Gun Builder is just around the corner this Tuesday, March 17th! As promised this release is going to be a whopper, adding a whole new platform in the form of AK-type AEGs. Through our easy to use interface you can customize your lower receiver, barrel assembly, buttstock, add on rails, foregrips optics and...

30-70% off on Airsoft Megastore’s  Products

30-70% off on Airsoft Megastore’s Produc...

Airsoft Megastore’s Clearance Sale: Get 30-70% off on Various Products

Airsoft Megastore, as part of its clearance sale, is offering a flat 30-70 percent on its impressive line-up of products that includes:

1. A Deltaforce Full Size MP40 Spring Rifle w/ Folding Stock WWII MP-40

2. A JG Airsoft Full Metal M5 Double Magazine Adjustable Clamp

3. BattleAxe Airsoft Double Magazine Connector...

Airsoft Megastore - Mule Mods Tactical Gear (Loadout/Kit)

Airsoft Megastore - Mule Mods Tactical Ge...

Airsoft Megastore - We’ve gotten SOOOO many questions about Mule’s Tactical Loadouts that we’ve decided to make a video is a response!

Enjoy watichng!


Festive Offers From Airsoft Megastore

Festive Offers From Airsoft Megastore

With the New Year round the corner and the Christmas spirit still on- it’s time for all you airsofters out there to step up the festive mood. Airsoft Megastore brings you a wide array of attractive offers as holiday gifts to ensure that your celebrations this year become all the more memorable for you. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website to get details ab...

Airsoft Megastore: Santa’s Double-Play AEG Giveaway!

Airsoft Megastore: Santa’s Double-Play AE...

Once again a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!<br />
Believe it or not- The Christmas fever is still on! is now giving away free AEG everyday till 31st December, 2013. Check it out here<br />
Visit this space to know all about the details of the contest!<br />

OMG Offensive Machine Gun Full Metal LMG Airsoft

OMG Offensive Machine Gun Full Metal LMG ...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Back to the forum after a long time! Hope you had a great Christmas friends.

This Christmas I decided to gift myself a RedStar OMG Offensive Machine Gun and got it a few days back as well. I absolutely recommend this for players who are in favor of SAW or LMG airsoft guns. The reason why the write-up begins with “OMG” is obvious. Not only does the gun itself is called OMG, this...

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