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OBLIVION Airsoft Game Sunday 1st Mar 15 - Wolverhampton Uk

OBLIVION Airsoft Game Sunday 1st Mar 15 -...


All seemed calm for the few days after the meteor hit as we were thrown into a darker more sinister era in the blink of an eye.

Without technology and life saving resources it wasn't long before those of us that made it through the initial days started to become ill riddled with disease, the hand of death was truly upon us all. Government influences, Politics and wealth had no mean...

Whats your Loadout???

Whats your Loadout???

Hi there everyone, we all have our own favourite loadouts.

Well what we want to know is, whats yours???

New, old or just your own personal mix.

Could be film/game related or even real life look.

Gaz Ward (youngsharky)

Photos taken by myself at frontier airsoft (UK)

What's YOUR story????

What's YOUR story????

Hi there everybody, just thought I would take the opportunity to reach out to the airsofters out there.

What's YOUR story??

From big weekenders, to big sites. Where did you go? Where would you like to go?

But mainly what's your favourite.

Using airsoft squared voice your opinion on what you like maybe even what you would like. For me it's sharing experiences.

For myself I have p...

Frontier Airsoft- WARLORD (mortar strike)

Frontier Airsoft- WARLORD (mortar strike)

Hi there fellow airsofters. A few weeks ago the site i marshal/photograph at held a game called "Warlord" in which one of the main characters was a mortar man.

This was carried out at Frontier Airsoft. Based in the UK (west-Midlands)

The prop in question was used to set off a, mortar strike when taken to a certain point to destroy enemy land rovers which was located using flags. Bo...

Airsoft World

Airsoft World

Airsoft World believe it or not started from the back of a Land Rover Defender! The founder and current CEO/Director Steve Madley started playing airsoft at one of the TWO airsoft sites in Scotland at that time (2002?). The site was not commercialy run but was a very small and finely packaged private site and as such, there were no BB's, pyros or ANYTHING available to the players. Everyone had to ...

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Team Gun Ho

Team Gun Ho

Gun Ho Airsoft is both an Airsoft Team (around 15 members) and we run a Skirmish Site located on Guisborough Road near Nunthorpe/Middlesbrough in the North East of England.

For more information please check our facebook page for the latest news and events or alternatively visit our webpage!

Follow us on Twitter:
Like us on Facebook:

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GunHo Airsoft UK CQB @ STAN Video

GunHo Airsoft UK CQB @ STAN Video

Team GunHo Airsoft's latest video is up from the STAN in the UK.

GunHo Airsoft is a serious airsoft team and we participate in milsim games and skirmishes around the country , we hope you enjoy our latest video !

  • by DanD 5 years ago

Youtube Channel and Facebook.

Youtube Channel and Facebook.

You can find all of our teams airsoft videos at our youtube channel, new videos uploaded most weeks!

You can also follow us on facebook and get information on future events etc!

Unstable Airsoft Team

Unstable Airsoft Team

Team based in the South of England (Hampshire). Currently run by serving British Soldiers and Airsoft Enthusiasts. We're looking for more members to join us to play regularly around the South of England, and further afield for bigger events and weekenders.

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Biggest airsoft community in Ukraine.

  • Members: 20
  • Category: Press


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