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Merlin's BlogSpot Weekly News | Hard Rock Theme Park Op

Merlin's BlogSpot Weekly News | Hard Rock...

This week on our first weekly news show we talk about where Merlin's BlogSpot has been and is going, IWA 2015, Polar Stars m1919, Operation Freelander which is Operation Lion Claws Op at Hard Rocks abandoned Them park and Operation Viper Strike from RapTac.

Enola Gaye BTS - Bloopers for Merlinsblogspot

Enola Gaye BTS - Bloopers for Merlinsblog...

Sometimes it is dangerous work filming reviews for Merlin's Blogspot. This is a segment of the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade review where we were filming during Mind Game Production ' s Amerika IV.

Airsoft Blogs

Airsoft Blogs

The list of the best Airsoft blogs:
Airsoft Squared
0.20 Mag
Airsoft Rider
Airsoft Community
Airsoft Community
Airsoft News
Airsoft Obsessed
Airsoft Odyssey http://air...

Tutorial/Blog Introduction

Tutorial/Blog Introduction

Did you know that Airsoft Squared has an international writing team? You can find their articles, tutorials and blogs by clicking the 'Blog' button on the upper left corner of the website. Example shown below. Please visit and peruse the great articles by the talented writing staff.


Raptac Announces Operation Clean Sweep, 24 Hour MilSim Op.

Raptac Announces Operation Clean Sweep, 2...

Raptac, or Raptor Tactical Applications and Operations, is recently introduce their latest MilSim Event named Operation Clean Sweep.

Pulling from their years of experience, many members being active or former military service members, Operation Clean Sweep promises to be an in-depth, story rich Op that will thrust players into modern real world scenarios. "Rip From the Headlines" t...

MGP Release Full Trailer for Operation Poseidon Spear

MGP Release Full Trailer for Operation Po...

Q1 2014: MindGame Productions returns to the water. Introducing Operation Poseidon Spear, an immersive MilSim experience on board a decommissioned USN LSD Ship. Players will be shuttled to the ship that was used as a model for MW3, where they will undergo various scenarios against a formidable OpFor with real world experience.

Located in Mobile, Alabama in Mobile Bay, the ex-USS Shadewell p...

"One Grunt's Opinion" Joins Merlin's BlogSpot

"One Grunt's Opinion" Joins Mer...

We are proud to announce a new collaboration between “One Grunt’s Opinion” and Merlin’s Blog Spot. Starting this month, you will be able to find posts from Javier of “One Grunt’s Opinion” here on Merlin’s Blog Spot by following the feeds section, or clicking on the tab at the top of the web page.

We believe that Javier brings a crucial, frank, and very adult conversation to the world of MilSim....

To our fellow supporters

To our fellow supporters

Many thanks to all the supporters of the Airsoft Squared project. They talked about us during the launching of the v2.0. It's never too late to help us and you can be added on this list by writing a post about

So special mention to :
France Airsoft
Airsoft Rider
Arnies Airsoft
Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey
Airsoft Obsessed
020 Mag
Popular Airsoft
BB Airsoft


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AirSim Media Interviews Merlin\'s BlogSpot; H&K UMP Give away

AirSim Media Interviews Merlin\'s BlogSpo...

We sat down with RJ from AirSim Media at the US Airsoft Expo a few weeks ago to chat about Merlin’s Blog Spot, and how Merlin got into airsoft, blogging and MindGame Productions. Check it out. Along with AirSim media, we are also releasing a contest: when our Facebook page reaches 1200 “likes” and Airsim Media & Elite Force Guns Facebook pages both received an additional 900 “likes” each, we w...

Rag Pull Dead Rag

Rag Pull Dead Rag

A red rag is just that, a red rag. In the case of the Rag Pull however, the red rag or “dead” rag, has been reinvented to accommodate easy of storage and deployment.


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