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Bundeswehr - Strong doubts about the G36!

Bundeswehr - Strong doubts about the G36!

Regarding to the German newspaper “Der Spiegel”, the German Military is checking options for a new assault rifle for their troops cause of mutch trouble with the G36.

Read all in German language over here: www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/bundeswehr-prueft-kauf-neuer-sturmgewehre

"Die Zweifel am Sturmgewehr G36 wachsen. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen hat die Bundeswehr neue Defizite bei ...

Online petition of the Bundeswehr reenactment community!

Online petition of the Bundeswehr reenact...

Petition to airsoft manufacturers: start producing airsoft versions of german arms, accessories and combat gear!


This is the online petition of the airsoft Bundeswehr reenactment community ( www.BWK.in.ua ).

It is started by the Ukrainian Airsoft Bu...

STORM Airsoft Team

STORM Airsoft Team

Our team was created on 3/14/2010.


Patrick (Patronix, Pa3ck6)
Adrian (Adran)
Jakub (Kub?i)

Currently we are trying to rearm whole team to german Bundeswehr.

  • Members: 0
  • Category: Teams

Team Flecktarn

Team Flecktarn

Team Flecktarn is a Norwegian airsoft team. Members are milsim oriented and use German Bundeswehr arms and equipment. We participate in milsim events internationally (though mostly in Scandinavia) as well as at home.

Team Flecktarn er et airsoftlag med medlemmer fra flere forskjellige NASF-klubber. Vi spiller for det meste sammen på storspill som Berget, GARY og Op Brain, og vi deltok på mang...

  • Members: 3
  • Category: Teams


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