Colt: Samuel Colt submitted his upgrade revolver to British and U.S patent offices in 1835 and 1836. After a little over a decade’s worth of quality and financial setbacks, they opened up for manufacture as Colt Manufacturing Company in 1848. Production of the 1911, begun in the same year of its namesake, made them an eminent name in the firearms world, where they remain to this day. In 2002, Colt Manufacturing Company split into two divisions; Colt Defense and Colt Manufacturing Company. One geared towards military and law enforcement, and the other towards the civilian market. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about Colt airsoft guns.
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Colt M1911A1 Government Tokyo Marui

Colt M1911A1 Government Tokyo Marui

New from Tokyo Marui - Colt M1911A1 Government !
- a replica based on the World War II Model, which became the standard 1911 pistol.
- Mil-Spec engraving
- well-balanced
- excellent blowback
- very accurate

220 USD


***NO MAGAZINE INCLUDED*** These magazines are very affordable considering this is a gas blowback rifle. (Mags are about $29.50)
**CONDITION: after a day of shooting, I dropped the magazine on the way in and some springs have broke. This model is not being made anymore and was about $285-$300. The gun itself is almost new, a little old.
- Revolutionary GHK GBB Kit
- Fully licensed ...

[BELL] CS M45A1 Marines CQBP GBB Pistol[DE]

[BELL] CS M45A1 Marines CQBP GBB Pistol[D...

**Above price are included worldwide Shipping Fee**
Brand New Item
It's for Airsoft Only.

[BELL] CS M45A1 Marines CQBP GBB Pistol[DE]


Velocity [FPS]: 300
Propultion: Gas Propultion
Type of Fire: Single
Weight : 960g
Magazine Type: Standard Magazine
Magazine Cpacity: 25 Rds
Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
Blow Back: Yes.

Airsoft Pistol Accessories at

Airsoft Pistol Accessories at

You own your favourite pistol? If not, you'll find a lot of them at
If you do, that's not the end, you'll need cases, bags, pouches... And you're already guessing where to find them!
Yeah, we've got a few suppressors and adapters too, and ship to 35 European countries, to 30 of them for FREE (some terms may apply...); and accept credit or debit cards, PayPal...

=> http://hri...

WE Suppressor Adapter -

WE Suppressor Adapter -

New item in stock!
WE suppressor adapter, so you can fit any 14mm CCW suppressor onto 11mm barrel thread CW pistols - photo example: WE M1911 M.E.U.!


M1911 STI classic ASG Spring

M1911 STI classic ASG Spring

Un 1911 A1 spring plein d'énergie !
La review vidéo est dispo ici avec un comparatif contre le modèle Marui:

ASG nous a sorti un bon petit gun "Repack KWC".
Une bonne qualité générale, une puissance surprenante pour du spring.
Quelques marquages STI, et un numéro de série.
Le chien est fonctionnel, l'ensemble est vraiment sympa à prendr...

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1911 A1 Spring Tokyo Marui

1911 A1 Spring Tokyo Marui

Ahhhh.. c'est beau de voir que la firme Marui fait des blagues de temps à autre .. ?! O_o !? La vidéo (début à 3:17min)

Vous verrez un beau pistolet spring, bien brillant en ouvrant votre boite, qui porte le sceau de votre marque préférée :).
Oui il ressort laqué ce 1911A1, il possède toutefois de beau marquages, su...

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Colt 1911A1 GBB Tercel

Colt 1911A1 GBB Tercel

Allez encore un 1911A1!
Hein ..? A celui ci est différent ...? Autant pour moi ..

Vidéo review ici, début à 5:42 min :


Alors celui là, il donne une bonne impression de réalisme, une bonne grosse bête bien lourde.
Le contacte froid du métal, des cycles de tirs rapides et secs.
Des beau marquages réalistes!
Ah vous n'aimez pas les tr...

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All versions of M1911 in Hristo Airsoft Store

All versions of M1911 in Hristo Airsoft S...

AEP, gas, CO2, springer, these are all versions of M1911 replica you can find in Hristo Airsoft Store! Isn't that a great illustration of our supply?




X'mas Sale Last Call & VFC Colt M4 GBB @ eHobby Asia!!

X'mas Sale Last Call & VFC Colt M4 GB...

1. VFC x Socom Gear Robinson Armament XCR Mini AEG (Tan)
-- Licensed XCR & Robinson Arms Trademark
-- One-piece Full Metal Upper Receiver
-- On top of upper receiver cover by full rail
-- Metal Folding Stock w/ Pad & Foam cheek
-- Ambidextrous Bolt Release
-- Tan Color

2. VFC Colt M4 RIS GBB Rifle...


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