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Dragunov SVDS Sniper Airsoft Rifle 400fps
120 USD

Dragunov SVDS Sniper Airsoft Rifle 400fps

Marked as used but only used once 2 years ago. No local airsoft fields that I can take it to so looking to clear space for a new airsoft rifle. Works just fine, no ammo included. MSRP Price of new is $200+. Additional photos available upon request. (I don't know why the ad is saying gas propulsion, I have spring selected. Rifle is NOT gas powered.)

Introducing the Spring Aftermath Dragunov SVD...

Airsoft SVD Action 6 - video by J-R Backman

Airsoft SVD Action 6 - video by J-R Backm...

Lahnus 21st September 2014 moderated by PKS-Airsoft

This is a capture the flag game, 5th game of the day!

This video is filmed and partly edited by J-R Backman (my brother) and he is using my S&T (Cyma) SVD AEG with 11.1V 1200 mHa Firefox battery.

It was a nice September day perfect for airsoft with a lot of players participating (90+).

If you like what you see, please subscribe, c...

Ak at Greek Airsoft

Ak at Greek Airsoft

Go here for your AK:

- AK 47 : http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4415

- AK BETA: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4765

- AK47 SVD DRAGUNOV :http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4409

- AK47 SVD DRAGUNOV WOOD: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/product.php?id_product=4410

- AK 47 BLACK: http://www.greekairsoft.gr/eshop/prod...

SVD Dragunov action from RBAirsoft

SVD Dragunov action from RBAirsoft

Lahnus game site, 8th June. Fighting for a flag in a Finnish forest. Lots of players attended and it was a nice and warm day, although the rain in the morning was a bit worrying but as soon as we got to the site it was already long gone.

Got my trusted S&T (Cyma) SVD AEG out from the cupboard and dusted it off and got some shooting done with it. It is still stock after all these years and s...

Prize Draw

Prize Draw

Hi All,

Quick update... we are currently closed and will re-open on the 31st March.

However in the meantime, for you snipers out there, get yourself entered into our Prize Draw, details can be found here:


REAL SWORD SVD + PSO-1M2 in Hristo Airsoft Store

REAL SWORD SVD + PSO-1M2 in Hristo Airsof...

REAL SWORD SVD + PSO-1M2 becomes extremely attractive when you think you can get it in 12 installments of 74 € per month!
We've mentioned it a few times, and we'll say it again, www.hristo.hr enables you to pay online by debit cards; and credit cards in installments, all from the comfort of your home.

=> http://hristo.hr/hr/airsoft/48/real-sword/real-sword-svd-pso-1m2-aeg-airsoft-puska



Diffrent types, details you can see below:

- Zinc Alloy + Real Wood Constructed

- Semi Automatic Shooting mode

- Fixed Real Wood Stock With Cheek Pad

- 290mm Real Wood Handguard allow installation Battery

- Steel Made 200 rounds Loading Capacity Magazine


Spring Power Airsoft Sniper with Full Metal Body Construction

Compras Octubre en Shooter Combat Gear: Trijicon SRS, RIS pa

Compras Octubre en Shooter Combat Gear: T...

Un nuevo mes y otro carrito de compras junto a http://www.shootercbgear.com/, En esta oportunidad serán productos variados: Mira Trijicon SRS, Montura RIS para AK, Gorro PAKOL Afgano, Arnés tipo H para casco Mich, Grip de goma para body de m4, Cuchillo de acero tipo 141 y Bípode de acero para SVD Dragunov.

El máximo de precio fue usd$70 y el minimo usd$8, para todos los gustos y colores.


Dragunov SVD-S, Black
130 EUR

Dragunov SVD-S, Black


The Dragunov SVD-S spring loaded sniper rifle, licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD.
Modeled after the compact variant of the SVD designed for airborne infantry and introduced in 1990, known as the SVDS (short for Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova Skladnaya, "Dragunov Sniper Rifle with folding stock"), it feat...

Capture the bomb @ Lahnus!

Capture the bomb @ Lahnus!

9th June, 2013 at Lahnus.

What a beautiful day of airsofting!

Hot but nice, and I just love my Gorka-uniform. It keeps me warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot outside. And I was very cool in it even though my knees very wet under the knee-pads.

My SVD was ok, my hop-up seems to be all over the place, first it was too little at the off-game and during the game I had too much hop.....


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