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Marui, Systema, KM Head, LayLax and GATE deliveries.

Marui, Systema, KM Head, LayLax and GATE ... has obtained recently some deliveries from Japanese producers Tokyo Marui, LayLax and KM-Head. Moreover, store has received the mosfet delivery from GATE.

Delivery from Tokyo Marui contents of GBB, electric, spring replicas and parts plus accessories.

Moreover, has got the delivery of precision barrels Prometheus and hop-up rubbers from LayLax.

Delivery was sent as...

GRR - Grupamento de Resgate e Retomada

GRR - Grupamento de Resgate e Retomada

Equipe Carioca de Airsoft, formada em Novembro de 2013
Formada em Novembro de 2013 o GRR - Grupamento de Retomada e Resgate, nasceu de um projeto de um dos membros que tinha como filosofia criar um Squad que pudesse operar em qualquer situação e ambiente, estando preparado para qualquer missão!


Leandro Pacheco
Marcus Soares
Tarso Garcia
Edimilson Jesus
Marcio Cabr...

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Taktik airsoft is now supplier of Gates Mofset

Taktik airsoft is now supplier of Gates M...


Standard MOSFET function
Active brake
Over-voltage protection for Li-Poly/Li-ion/LiFePO4/NiCd batteries
Short-circuit protection
Thermal protection
Rate of fire adjustment
3-rd Burst Mode
Smart Trigger
Operating modes:
Plug&Play Mode is not necessary to modify original installation.
Enhanced mode. Trigger contacts connected to the system.

Firesupport Gate EU new products

Firesupport Gate EU new products

Firesupport UK Distributor for Gate Electronics Mosfet - announce new models


I am glad to announce that two new products: NanoAAB and NanoASR, will be launched in one week! They replace NanoAB 3/4 and NanoSSR. We invite you to place a pre-order. Please, find attached a wholesale pricelist.

A new, third generation of MOSFETs. The application of th...

Airsoft Stargate Command AS SGC

Airsoft Stargate Command AS SGC

Airsoft team from Czech Republic inspired by sci-fi Stargate.

Besides airsoft battles, we're working on airsoft club for children and airsoft presenation on several public events.

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Operation Blackgate

Operation Blackgate

Out of the Box Industries, in association with Ohio State Airsoft as well as the Ruins Raiders Airsoft Club and Forsaken Knights Airsoft are proud to present:

Operation Blackgate
At the Historic Mansfield Reformatory (made famous as the site of the movie Shawshank Redemption)

After se...

  • by Sky 5 years ago - PDI & Gate Electronics - PDI & Gate Electronics

Hi! We have introduced to our offer more parts from PDI Japan company, including precision barrels and full cylinder sets from RAVEN series - cheaper in comparison to top parts from PDI. In these series were used cheaper materials (steel STKM-13C), but production method and used technologies remained the same as in the more expensive PDI parts.

We also have latest, extremely small MOSFET devic...

Hells Gate

Hells Gate

Welcome to the forest of Hells Gate where the Americans fight for their survival against the Chinese forces. Its an attack and defend game with three objectives that is painstaking to achieve in twenty minutes. As the Americans they must hold three objective as long as they can. While the Chinese they must take over the objectives within the hours. The game can be real intense especially night gam...


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