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TAG – Marine Gladiator Chest Rig

TAG – Marine Gladiator Chest Rig

Tactical Assault Gear - Marine Gladiator Chest Rig was designed to give unit commanders down range more flexibility during different types of combat operations. Unit commanders can choose to have their troops wear different armor configurations depending on local threat assessments and mission types.

From full armor carriers down to lighter plate carriers, this chest rig allows the units to qui...

the gladiatorial games

the gladiatorial games

Set in a country tired or its populace rebelling the rulers decided to make the worst of them fight each other in an arena to the death! only one can survive! (think battle royal, hunger games, death race gladiatorial styled death games etc)
ideally you'd want approx 20 people (preferably wearing what they were in before they were wearing before the games began, they wer'nt expecting to be throw...

The Gladiators Arena

The Gladiators Arena


In Italia after 2012 - 2013 crisis extremists took power. As population was hard to handle they decided to use circus games in order to control everybody.
Modernized, those modern gladiators fight with guns. With those games, bets had paid Italia's debt and prisons became modern ludus for those gladiators.


For this game you need something that can be easily carrie...


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