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Cyber gun AEG metal 1921 Thompson for sale
100$ USD

Cyber gun AEG metal 1921 Thompson for sal...

Selling a cyber gun 1921 model Thompson.
Metal frame and drum magazine,custom paint job,missing battery but has charger. Asking 100$ Florida and Georgia residents only. Email me for more pics and info,I just used this site to get it out there. Willing to drop price if you'll pick it up or meet me halfway

CYMA AK47 Two Toned Airsoft (Perfect condition)
80 GPB

CYMA AK47 Two Toned Airsoft (Perfect cond...

This AK47 is in perfect quality as it has barely been used. I only used it once and it was bought for £120 so this is great value. Give me a call on 07891143763 if interested or email on I'm also interested in sensible offers

6 mm full automatic CM16 Raider (M16 Look-alike)
150 USD

6 mm full automatic CM16 Raider (M16 Look...

M-16 style semi-automatic/full automatic air soft gun. Battery powered which is in an extendable stock, comes with one mag, battery tender/charger, iron sight. I originally bought it for $250, looking to get $150, the gun has barely been used, maybe shot three times and then hasn't been used since a year ago.
Would like to sell as soon as possible, I need the money and don't have room to store i...

Classic Army Mp5 Airsoft Gun
200 GPB

Classic Army Mp5 Airsoft Gun

Hi I am selling a classic army Mp5 Airsoft Gun in original box and with all instructions. come with a battery And charger. It also comes with a handgrip torch and 3 point sling. The stock as be sprayed black by me (photo 6)

A&K SVD Dragunov
100 USD

A&K SVD Dragunov

Used only once and everything is fine and but together. 1 mag and close to no signs of use.

Airsoft Gear and Guns for Sale
220 USD

Airsoft Gear and Guns for Sale

All prices negotiable and anything may be parted out. Need Gone ASAP. additi Make Photos available on request.

KWA SR-10 - $250
w/ External bat pack, wired to deans, 1 point sling, ACOG style Red Dot and foregrip. Hard Case and barrel blocker Included

KWA M16 - $60
Locked up, not sure what the problem is, motor attempts to turn a/ trigger pull. Wired to Deans

KJW M700 - $140

Ak barely used airsoft gun, with bb's.
85.00 USD

Ak barely used airsoft gun, with bb's.

Barely used AK-47 with around 8,500 Ultrasonic .12g 6mm bb's.
-Well cleaned
-Adjustable Stock
-1 No-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh 8.4V Battery
-1 Charger for the battery
-1 Ak-47 clip
-1 Speed reloader
NOTE: Text me for the picture, for some reason my photo is too big.

Number: (219) 669-2333

tommy gun for sale
150 USD

tommy gun for sale

Hey everyone, Id like to sell off my thompson here. Its an amazing gun I just need the money for a different project. Fires amazingly, cycles as it should. Gun is in like new condition and is being sold with 1 mag. I can ship if needed but I will not ship before payments made, otherwise located in north west indiana to meet with anyone. its for sale or local trade. only trades would be gas blow ba...

Full Beginners Bundle
1000 USD

Full Beginners Bundle

I bought a bunch of airsoft gear and I never have time to go, I have only used it to make sure everything works, I put on a power suppressor which gives it a little more fps, a flashlight/laser combo, and a red dot sight that also changes green and has different reticles. I also bought a protective face mask and 3 extra magazines. It will also come with 7000 premium BB's. Sucks to let go of this s...

The Petite A.S.S. - A 12ga airsoft shotgun
160 USD

The Petite A.S.S. - A 12ga airsoft shotgu...

Here's a HPA-powered airsoft shotgun that I've been working on. I've used shotguns like these exclusively for years and people have always been asking me to make some. Here's a few short WebMs of me using one:

Its muzzle velocity is about 100ft/s and fires about 60 BBs at a time! I've also fired nerf darts, r...


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