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"Conquest Battlefield" - As close as it gets

"Conquest Battlefield" - As clo...

Following on from the huge success of our recent Airsoft Extravaganza, we have managed to negotiate this field once again.

This game will utilize all aspects of the field and have teams scored on how much control they can obtain of certain crucial strategic points on the map.
Various other scenario based objectives may be introduced during the game.

This will be a two team game with non-sto...

The Witness Protection Program

The Witness Protection Program

A great scenario to break the mould of military warfare and to use a mafia/rural crime theme. Police need to protect witnesses from a mafia hit squad.



The Body snatchers have invaded and are slowly taking over the world. This is the last stand! This game is great for a first game of the day warm up as it has limited respawns.

EARTHQUAKE : le back-up M4cqb ultime en pré-commande !

EARTHQUAKE : le back-up M4cqb ultime en p...

Après des mois d'attente, les pré-commandes sont ouvertes !!

Le Custom Earthquake 1.0 est le 1er custom officiel de l'Atelier Airsoft by CIA :

Ce custom est une vrai alternative à un gun en back-up traditionnel : idéal pour tous ceux qui recherchent un maximum d'efficacité à courte-moyenne portée.

Le but est de proposer aux joueurs une réplique ultra maniable et de faible puissance pour ...

Airsoft CQC KWA Glock 18c Action Montage II

Airsoft CQC KWA Glock 18c Action Montage ...

More action! The back alley CQC field have seen some changes during its time but the new HQ section really hit the spot. Before there was a bottleneck problem at the middle of the field and game play would often get stuck at that bottleneck.

With the new HQ section, a second floor are on top of the bunker in the middle of the field with two catwalks, really opens up the game. You should expect...

Our new HQ

Our new HQ


Airborne Airsoft have just started developing a new piece of land which we will be using as a training area and small game zone for half day missions and corporate events. We will be building a 'killing house', developing a hamburger hill game zone and a blackhawk down scenario amongst a few other things. There will be car parking and camping on site so not only can you c...



AirsoftHQ is an austrian online store for airsoft guns , equipment and accessories. Founded in 2007 ,we are one of the leading airsoft stores in Austria serving each kind of airsoft enthusiasts . Since beginning of 2011 we are also selling collectors, sporting and hunting firearms and supplying the whole range of ammo and accessories. SInce our website is dedicated to airsoft only we will never se...


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