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Partida desarollada, (Todos los nombresson ficticios)

Partida desarollada, (Todos los nombresso...

Domingo, 21 de Julio del año 2012, en Tucuskitan, en la ciudad central de Betuncera, un grupo fraccionario despues de años de trabajo de diversos nucleos terroristas, provoco la guerra abierta entre el estado A y B, enfrascados en un conflicto de poder.

Equipo A.

Al enterarse la OTAN y sus aliados mobilizaron todos los activos y agentes que tenian en la region, teniendo meras horas para res...

5.11 Helios Polo Short Sleeve at Military 1st

5.11 Helios Polo Short Sleeve at Military...

Snag-resistant 5.11 Helios Polo is moisture wicking and quick drying, and comes with the antimicrobial technology and integrated underarm gussets for all day comfort.

Made of quality 4.5 oz. jersey knit polyester with overlocked main internal seams and Melamine buttons, 5.11 Helios Polo is lightweight yet durable. Moreover, a number of practical features such as signature pen pocket, front mic...

12% OFF Airsoft Tactical Communication Gears - Tinywind

12% OFF Airsoft Tactical Communication Ge...

- worldwide Free Shipping
- Expires on March 18th [GMT-5 Time]
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  • by Ging 3 years ago

Parlamentarios de la Unión Europea contra el Airsoft

Parlamentarios de la Unión Europea contra...

La noticia explotó hace 2 días donde una comisión del parlamento europeo busca que los países socios de la Unión Europea hagan que las réplicas de airsoft sean registradas al igual que cada usuario/ciudadano de forma individual.Esto se daría en el marco de la categoría C la cuál indica que "Todas las armas de señales y alarmas, armas acústicas como así réplicas de armas".

Lo que se bu...

Morse Code Flash Lights or Radios?

Morse Code Flash Lights or Radios?

I support Flash Light!!!


Team chat is not always a decent way to communicate while in the heat of battle. Have you thought about using a flashlights to communicate?

A flashlight could be used to communicate even in the fog.

If a soldier had field manual, it could be informations on how to use Morse Code and what should be carries like maps, campass etc. Yes, you need to know wha...

  • by Ging 4 years ago
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14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios

14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios

#1 Capture The Flag

Two teams face off, each team with a flag. The goal of the game is to retrieve the flag and bring it to your base. The flag has to be carried, clearly visible. The flag must also be placed somewhere visible in each base. This game can be played in two variants; “dead flag” or “live flag”. In “dead flag” when the flag carrier is hit, the flag is returned to the enemies base b...

Game Scenarios

Game Scenarios

everyone who plays airsoft you know the feeling after the third game u or your team are just waiting for a Scenario that's going to be as real as a milsim well you are in the right place.

West Coast Adventure Park

West Coast Adventure Park

I had the pleasure of being invited by Drew Skinner the Airsoft Manager of West Coast Adventure Park to enjoy a day at the facility. The day was filled with high energy and fast paced Airsofting. The game play kept you on your toes as it were.
West Coast Adventure Park has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that kept the Airsofters playing. West Coast Adventure Park does have rentals a free batte...

Overwatch: Real World Combat Gaming

Overwatch: Real World Combat Gaming

Overwatch is the next generation in interactive and social gaming. Now, all of the technology gamers love from combat video games is available in real life, right on a smartphone—Live GPS Radar, Bluetooth Voice Chat, and In-Game Perks. The games of airsoft, paintball, and laser tag just became a whole lot more tactical. Now it’s not just game time. It’s game time for real.
Overwatch is not just a...

GITA58 Partie Loisir + Scénarios

GITA58 Partie Loisir + Scénarios

Coordonnées GPS : 47.052581, 3.007968
(A jouet sur l'Aubois D26, route en face de "les Taureaux")

Le GITA58 rencontre l'équipe MATRAX58 en partie loisir, cette partie est ouverte à tous (+18 ans).

20 participants enregistré GITA58 + MATRAX58

Vous pouvez rejoindre la partie ce Dimanche 09 Fevrier à partir de 09h30, la partie se déroule jusqu'à 16h30 et voir plus pour les motivés...

  • Starting Date: February 09, 2014
  • Country: France


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