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The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa started with preparation for the second part of The Pathfinder story-REDEMPTION, 27 hrs Milsim event with Larp elements on our private military/airsoft island Mrcara, CROATIA.

Players numbers are limited only to 100 because we offer most exclusive games, non-stop action, with full service included, transportation, food, accommodation, power supply, game water, game souven...

The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa continues with 27 hrs Milsim game with LARP elements in 2016. Second part of The Pathfinder story will take a place at the same spot, private military/island Mrcara, Croatia.

Official game registration will start 1.1.2016. on our official game web site:

From year to year, since 2011. we are raising quality level of our events, gi...

  • Starting Date: June 23, 2016
  • Country: Croatia



Airsoft race from Mala to Peñita Cabrera Peraza. About 8 kilometers. During the race you will have meet 4 missions. Weight to load, shooting, enemy installation photos and secret message. Watch out for snipers....
Promo videos:


  • Starting Date: March 14, 2015
  • Country: Spain

The Pathfinder - 2015. milsim at airsoft island Mrcara

The Pathfinder - 2015. milsim at airsoft ...

The most exclusive milsim in 2015. at airsoft island Mrcara, Croatia. One private island, one game, no civilians, no hunters, no wild animals, just bunch of airsofters from ALL over the WORLD...plenty of action and joy GUARANTEED...!!!

...hardcore airsoft...only for the bravest...!!!


Airsoft island for hire

Airsoft island for hire

Hello to everybody,
my name is Kreso and I'm CEO at Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa which is part of the Adriatic Adventures brand, from Split, Croatia. Our company is involved in airsoft events, boot camps, seminars or similar productions on our private military island Mrcara. We opened our doors to the persons or teams who would like to organize their own private game or similar on our island. Crystal b...

KWA Goes to Hawaii

KWA Goes to Hawaii

KWA came down to Hawaii to demo some of their new products looking to hit the shelves later on this year. Here is some footage of the action at Hawaii Extreme Paintball & Airsoft. Brought to you by Island Assault Squad. Event sponsored by: Power Edge Tactical Hawaii

Red Island Airsoft

Red Island Airsoft

The largest airsoft community on Prince Edward Island, Canada, with games happening every week.

  • Members: 2
  • Category: Teams

Island Invasion 2012.

Island Invasion 2012.

Save & Rescue -Search & Destroy OP. ..For 180 EUR including : transfer from Split to the island Mrcara and back, field rent, camping area with water, eletricity, toilets, dinner on Thursday, breakfast & dinner on Friday, breakfast & after party on Saturday (fisch & meat grill, beer & vine all inclusive), breakfast on Sunday morning..for German players, it will be organized ...

  • Starting Date: May 17, 2012
  • Country: Croatia

Island Zirje, Croatia - Op.Tanaja: ISLAND OF FREEDOM

Island Zirje, Croatia - Op.Tanaja: ISLAND...

We hereby announce edition of 24h event which is being organised by ASK ŠIBENIK!
Game area: cca 18 000 000 sqm of semi forested hills, rocky and difficult terrain, underground tunnels! Nearby the sea!
Game type: Mil-Sim; LARP



Operation IOF - Island of Freedom is a joint operation of the JAF - JOINT ALLIED FORCES with the goal of eliminating...

  • Starting Date: October 22, 2011
  • Country: Croatia

Airsoft Rhode Island Cookout

Airsoft Rhode Island Cookout

Red Haven will be hosting a BBQ on Sunday July 3rd at Extreme Complex in Wakefield, RI

Come on down for a full day of airsoft and/or burgers (two of my personal favorites) plus meet other teams and players.

The food will be cooked by PRIME of Red Haven. Extreme Complex has been kind enough to let us hold the shindig that their place.

Whether you show up for the Airsoft or the food it's ...


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