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Airsoft World - KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Baby Eagle NBB

Airsoft World - KWC Jericho 941 CO2 Baby ...
NOW: £59.95 <--- L@@K

Licensed scale replica of the Israeli Weapon Industries Jericho 941 'Baby Eagle' pistol which is CO2 gas cartridge powered for awesome power, range and accuracy.

Fires in semi-auto mode with a fixed slide (non-blowback) for maximum gas efficiency and power management through a patented BAX Accuracy system which essentially reduces ...

Jericho - 6th Birthday Event - June 28th 2014

Jericho - 6th Birthday Event - June 28th ...

6 years ago, we started Jericho Airsoft with big ideas, and a small group of players... we stand tall.

Come and help us celebrate our 6th birthday with the biggest names and companies in airsoft today.

Jericho Airsoft - RED VS BLUE IV - 02/15/2014

Jericho Airsoft - RED VS BLUE IV - 02/15/...

Jericho Airsoft
Jungle Island Paintball Park
14881 Temescal Canyon Road
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Phone: 805-807-6850



[b]Date of Event: [/b] February 15th, 2014
[b]Hours:[/b] Saturday - 8:00am-4:00pm.

FPS Limit:
RIFLE / AEG: 400...

Jericho Airsoft Halloween Zombie Outbreak V

Jericho Airsoft Halloween Zombie Outbreak...

2013 Halloween Zombie Outbreak

Prepare yourself for the ultimate zombie war-zone. An outbreak has occurred in a small town just outside of Babylon, and the Zombies are spreading faster than we can contain the infection. Only you can stop this terrible atrocity from continuing to spread. It appears to have been a bad result of wrongly combining chemical agent A, with Chemical compound B, in a ...

Operation: Locust

Operation: Locust


MARCH 30th, 2012[/b]


Genocide has raped Northern Africa for many years now. Farms, towns, and even cities have been burned to the ground at the hands of the Sudanese government and the [b]Janjawid[/b]. The burning of homes and villages, and the theft and deli...

Jericho Airsoft - Red vs. Blue III

Jericho Airsoft - Red vs. Blue III

Red vs. Blue III, is the third of our annual first big-game of the year. It's where we combine all our fields into a Big Game AO, and play big games of usually 150-180 players. These are all games involving a Red team, and a Blue Team, and each win is chalked up, and a victor decided by the end of the day.

It's a light hearted, introduction to the big game format, for the new year, getting newe...

Jericho Airsoft

Jericho Airsoft

The official group for Jericho Airsoft, the best Airsoft fields in Southern California.



This is the second in the series of our annual 2-day overnight scenarios.

Hector Yurisikovich is a former Kosovan war criminal, who employs british and european former special forces members within his private army. He also has former spetnaz agents working on hhi behalf and has his own agenda.

Last year we saw some great combat, and some great action here, go to http://www.jerichoairsoft...


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