Kwa Airsoft: Known among the hardcore players as a pillar of high quality airsoft, it ranks among the likes of Tokyo Marui and G&G. Starting as a Taiwanese company making mostly gas blow back operated weapons, they later started making AEGs and eventually headquartered in the United States. Known for quality and warranty coverage they offer their products as “authorized dealers”. They are also a big provider of law enforcement training equipment. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about KWA airsoft guns.
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KWA MP7 with 4 mags and EDGI tightbore barrel
375 USD

KWA MP7 with 4 mags and EDGI tightbore ba...

KWA MP7 with 4 working mags and EDGI tightbore barrel.
one extra non working mag included
has a brand new trigger
Original Barrel and trigger included
different flow valves included for more/less fps
hop up tool included
asking 375 obo
willing to meet in person out if you live near me
1 previous owner.
previous owner didnt want it anymore cause of issues. got it from him and fixed it up....

170 USD


Used only twice on legit fields used 10 time in total

Grip and PEQ box are not included

One 120rd mid cap PMAG

Airsoft Gear and Guns for Sale
220 USD

Airsoft Gear and Guns for Sale

All prices negotiable and anything may be parted out. Need Gone ASAP. additi Make Photos available on request.

KWA SR-10 - $250
w/ External bat pack, wired to deans, 1 point sling, ACOG style Red Dot and foregrip. Hard Case and barrel blocker Included

KWA M16 - $60
Locked up, not sure what the problem is, motor attempts to turn a/ trigger pull. Wired to Deans

KJW M700 - $140

KWA M93r NS2 GBB Machine Pistol
60 USD

KWA M93r NS2 GBB Machine Pistol

Neat little GBB machine pistol. Fires in semi- and full-auto as well as 3-round burst. Used a few times in backyard skirmishes some 4 years ago. Shoots smoothly and with surprising accuracy. For the life of me, I can't find the magazine or the folding stock. Sold as-is, $60 plus shipping (negotiable). More pics available upon request.

400 USD


Everything you see in the pic is what you get. Cash only no trades.

WTS KWA KM4 Magpul parts gemtech silencer internal upgrades
275 USD

WTS KWA KM4 Magpul parts gemtech silencer...

Looking for $275 shipping included. The base gun is a KWA KM4 CQB. Externally the gun has a Gemtech Blackside suppressor, a magpul handgaurd, magpul afg, sling mount, extra rail segment, mbus rear flip up sight, and a magpul stock. Internally there is a high torque motor, rear wiring to deans, and some internal work to the gearbox. It shoots great and it has good trigger response. Pictures of the ...

Kwa lm4
400 USD

Kwa lm4

Need to sell my my m4 for money so I can get a car or try to save up for one, and don't rly like airsoft anymore,

KWA Gas Blowback Pistol
75 USD

KWA Gas Blowback Pistol

I am selling this because I don't play anymore and want to get it off my hands by selling it.
I haven't even took this gun on the field and it is in great condition.

KWA M4A1 Limited Edition Airsoft Gun (Tan) + Items
250 USD

KWA M4A1 Limited Edition Airsoft Gun (Tan...

> KWAM4A1 Limited Edition Airsoft Gun (Tan)
400FPS w/ .20 bb's
Fixable Stock (also stores battery)
Only Used in Field Once!
NiMH 96v 1600 mAh nunchuck battery inc.
2 (Tan) X 120/Rd K120 magazines
1 (Tan) X High Cap Magpul PTS magazine
Upgraded Barrel: Noveske Sound Amplifier
Empire Barrel Cover included
Original Box included
> (Tan) Lower Mask Protector
> (Tan) Lancer Tactia...

Another fast paced CQB action video!

Another fast paced CQB action video!

This is a video from Back Alley CQC at its former location, this is the last game I attended at this location. This was Filmed September 7th 2016. Next time I go to Back Alley it will be at the new location.

So this is not my last game, only my last game at this site since it moved...

If you like what you see, please subscribe, comment and like! This way you will support my work and I wil...


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