Machine guns: Airsoft machine guns are airsoft weapons that are designed to simulate the role of a real life machine gun. They are large, and sometimes cumbersome, weapons that have larger-than-average gearboxes meant for prolonged and heavy duty use. They fire the same 6mm ammunition as most other airsoft weapons. Airsoft machine guns often carry box style magazines that are meant to carry large volumes of ammunition, with an option to mount smaller magazines designed for the assault rifles with which they often share platforms and aspects of design.
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Spring Powered MP5
60 USD

Spring Powered MP5

This gun has been used a few times in games, it is a pretty decent gun with an fps of about 350. It come with a top rail mount for scopes and bag of bb's, there are no broken parts and the only thing that i didn't like about it is that the stock is a bit wobbly. If interested feel free to send me a message

The M205 Lightweight Tripod for Heavy Machine Guns

The M205 Lightweight Tripod for Heavy Mac...

The Army’s new M205 Lightweight Tripod for Heavy Machine Guns will be replacing the currently used M3 Tripod for the M2, M2A1, and MARK 19 machine guns. The new tripod provides a strong, stable firing platform at significantly reduced weight. At 34-pounds, the M205 weighs 16 pounds less than the 50-pound M3 Tripod, which represents significant progress in lightening the Soldier’s load. The tripod ...

RAP4 Heavy Machine Guns

RAP4 Heavy Machine Guns

Real Action Paintball is your source for the heaviest-hitting gear in paintball. When you absolutely, positively, must destroy your opposition's morale along with their numbers, you need to take the field with the RAP4 M249, M60, M240, or the battlefield classic Browning .30 Machine Gun. Both are .68 caliber, compressed-air powered paintball markers…but you'd never know that from their looks, thei...

  • by RAP4 2 years ago


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