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Airsoft shop

Airsoft shop

Al Rimaya
21.568217, 39.168492
4676 Ibn Zaydun
Jeddah 23434 4751, Saudi

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STG Airsoft -

STG Airsoft - http://airsoftbraga.maisfor...

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How to Upgrade and Maintain an Airsoft Gun (Part II)

How to Upgrade and Maintain an Airsoft Gu...

In part one (How to Upgrade and Maintain Your Airsoft Replica), we examined the compression chain components, which was the easy part. Now we dive into Drive Train Components. Here things can get a little complex as rarely can you upgrade just one item without having to strengthen others as well. This section will be broken down into two parts: Mechanical and Electrical.

To read the entire arti...



Well, I'm back to the drawing board as they say...I got my MP5 all back together. During my testing I seemed to have stripped something in the gearbox.
It's time to take it all back apart and look to see what the damage is. Luckily for me I have another full set of upgraded gears for a ver. 2 gearbox.
The goal for my MP5 is to use it as a support weapon when I carry the Black Pearl (Sniper). I h...

Encore en déstockage mais plus pour très longtemps !!!

Encore en déstockage mais plus pour très ...

La marque WE s’est taillé une bonne réputation depuis l’entrée dans le monde du GBBR. Vous allez être surpris par les retours extrêmement positifs de ce G39. Beaucoup de personnes s’accordent, étonnement à dire qu’ils ont eu le meilleur GBBR en sortie de boîte, entre les mains avec ce G39. Vous pouvez aller voir les review sur la toile ainsi que des vidéo sur youtube qui sauront vous convaincre en...

Airsoft Pyrotechnics - Shell maintenance video

Airsoft Pyrotechnics - Shell maintenance ...

Airsoft Pyrotechnics released a new video showing how to maintain their shells:

This video showing how to fill, how to make a maintenance and which gas you’ll need to use with TAG “Shell”.
Now, all who using TAGinn projectiles will know better how to treat it the best way :) Cybergun Silicone Oil APS3 Cybergun Silicone Oil APS3

We believe you're very conscientious about taking care of your replica, and the key ingredient is a high quality silicone oil, like this one...


Clube Airsoft da Maia, APD

Clube Airsoft da Maia, APD

O Clube Airsoft da Maia (CAM) destaca-se como um dos primeiros clubes portugueses a ostentar como modalidade desportiva principal, o Airsoft. Esta modalidade apresenta características táctico-operacionais, assentando o seu pilar no ramo dos desportos radicais, disciplinas de tiro, e apresentando igualmente ligações íntimas com o desporto aventura e com práticas de sobrevivência.

O CAM- Clube Ai...

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Cybergun Stores St Germain

Cybergun Stores St Germain

Cybergun Stores à St Germain en Laye. Revendeur de matériel d'airsoft depuis 8 ans.


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