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Operation Cracked - The Easter Egg Wars

Operation Cracked - The Easter Egg Wars

Sunday 13th March 2016 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00

# "Operation Cracked" The Egg Wars - Easter Eggs to be won, honest it's no "Yolk"!



Walk On Booking Link:
(Book Online & Pay on the day)

Merry Krampus Game Update

Merry Krampus Game Update

Loads of people now booking on for the Merry Krampus Airsoft game 13th December.

Actors have been confirmed.

Christmas Presents to be won

Can it get any more awesome :D

Game Date Change

Game Date Change

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstanceswe have had to change the date of the Merry Krampus Airsoft game from the 6th Dec to the 13th December.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Merry Krampus - Airsoft Game - 13/12/15 - Wolverhampton

Merry Krampus - Airsoft Game - 13/12/15 -...

Christmas is upon us once again. A time for celebration, happiness, cheer, joy and kindness to all......But not for everyone!

An evil so feared in the lands at this joyous time of year has been stirring.

According to local folklore and legend a beast so ghastly that just a mention of his name would send shivers down the spine of the most saintly of children, for rather than giving presents a...

"Long Live The King" Airsoft Game - Wolverhampton

"Long Live The King" Airsoft Ga...

Sunday 4th October 2015 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00

Welcome to Brataslavakia. An ancient land of tradition and culture, now turned into the playground for its self-appointed king and his blood thirsty Royal army.
For years he has murdered, pillaged and desecrated Brataslavakia tearing it asunder. But whispers of revolution can be heard in the corners of this l...

OBLIVION Airsoft Game Sunday 1st Mar 15 - Wolverhampton Uk

OBLIVION Airsoft Game Sunday 1st Mar 15 -...


All seemed calm for the few days after the meteor hit as we were thrown into a darker more sinister era in the blink of an eye.

Without technology and life saving resources it wasn't long before those of us that made it through the initial days started to become ill riddled with disease, the hand of death was truly upon us all. Government influences, Politics and wealth had no mean...

"The Quest" Airsoft Game 01/02/15 - Wolverhampton

"The Quest" Airsoft Game 01/02/...

According to nautical lore and legend, Captain Calico Jack Rackham became a pirate when he took control of a sailing ship stashed to the brim with ill gotten gains in 1718.
Jack and his pirate crew could only take a small amount of their newly gained treasure with them, the gold was too heavy to store onboard the ship because the storm season was about to begin, the extra weight put the ship in...

Our New Woodland Site - Wolverhamton, West Midlands

Our New Woodland Site - Wolverhamton, Wes...

Our Wolverhampton Airsoft Site is set in 100 acres at Tong Wood c/o Warped Sports.
We require all walk on players to book online at our website www.aceairsoft.co.uk

Players requiring a hire gun and kit will need to pay in full.

On Site Car Park : Large Seated Safe Zone Area : Cafe & Shop : Pyro Shop : Toilets : Mains Water : Free Tea & Coffee

In Gam...

Telford 100 Acre Woodland Opening games

Telford 100 Acre Woodland Opening games

Scenario: Invasion Brataslavakia.

Objectives & Features.
Tracks : Streams : Ravines : Border Crossing & Checkpoint Patrol : Mortar Bunker Village : SAM Silo : Snipers Trees : Trenches : Vietnamese Style Bunkers : Comms Station : Land Mines & IEDS : Remote Sentry Gun : The Dirty Bomb : The C4 Plant : Remote Detonation : Stretchers & VIP Extraction : The Graveyard : The Ticking B...

NEXT GAME: Montana Jones and the legend of the Three Dragons

NEXT GAME: Montana Jones and the legend o...

While searching the black markets of the Far East, the Notorious professional treasure hunter Montana Jones over hears a hushed conversation.

They talk of a doomed village , cursed after it was raided by the “Tongs” (a Triad criminal syndicate who rule the remote region with an iron fist)

After travelling to China to investigate, he has uncovered the location of this remote mountain villag...


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