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Mission Afghanistan 2018

Mission Afghanistan 2018

"Misja Afganistan" is a group of airsoft events which involves elements of MilSim and LARP. The Misja Afganistan events consist of one big event in July located in an old quarry, near the village Szaniec and few other games, with afghani­like climate, located in different areas.

The coming MA will be held on 5-8 July 2018 near the Szaniec village, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland.

  • Starting Date: July 05, 2018
  • Country: Poland

Customize a Ruck For Your Own Mission Specific Needs

Customize a Ruck For Your Own Mission Spe...

A Good Ruck is perfect for you when you have some speical mission when join the activity. We offer 12 colors for selecting , and they are base on 600D Oxford . If you want to have a speical Ruck/Backpack, welcome to contact us. In the past 8 years,Mr. Ross worked with JollySoftAir,GunFire,Strike-Active, VFC, Kerma, Echo1,Airsplat, 101 ,European Accessories etc companies, helpped the clients for th...

Mission: Conflict Creek

Mission: Conflict Creek

Quick Story: The Western American Federation has poisoned water supplies east of Old Colorado using their operatives in the New Canadian Republic. Now, the WAF and NCR square off at the Kiowa Creek Battlefield once again, as it is the closest untainted water source to their two largest combat forces. Fresh water means victory, and in this case Victory is Life.

About this skirmish day: This will...



Beginning early next quarter, Mission Spec, LLC™ (KS) will be adding denim to their existing Essentials Only Carrier™ (EOC) and Shoulder Savers™ product lines after receiving requests from “multiple covert agencies”. The requests simply stated the need for an ultra low-profile and light-weight armor option that could easily “disappear” on agents during covert or undercover tasking.

“We had the ...

Europe in Flames   Mission: Advanced Warfighter

Europe in Flames Mission: Advanced Warf...

69h Gameplay
MilSim Event with 2000 Players in CZ Milovice http://www.tankodrommilovice.cz/english/
One of the biggest Airsoftfields in Europe
We have rented:
10x Pro Actors that work for US Military on Rotation
2x Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters (working on a Huey, too)
2x T55
1x T54
4x BMP
2x Hummer H1
1x KUB Rocketlauncher
1x KRUB Radartank
2x S60 57mm Canone
4x Quads
1x Tatra
2x Tr...

LBX Tactical – MAP System

LBX Tactical – MAP System

LBTINC (London Bridge Trading) and LBX Tactical team up with Chris Costa from Costa Ludus to develop the MAP (Mission Adaptive Panel) System.

A modern take on an earlier platform from LBTINC, the Quick Release Assault Panel that has been around for years and allows the end-user to run a multitude of load-outs based on their personal preference.
More News & Reviews at www.operator7airs...

AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - July 6th, 2014

AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - July 6...

Todays turn out was not as spectacular as last week's but we still had eight faithful operators in attendance. We managed to play a force on force with four operators per side. Action started right from the start with a sneak attack from two operators that were on the defending team. The attacking team was able to suppress and kill the defending operators after much gunfire and maneuvering of the ...

AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 29th, 2014

AAR: Phantom Corsair Mission Day - June 2...

A Great day out at Shanghai Bend field today...we had 20 operators in attendance!! This is the most Airsoft Operators we have had in quite a while. First Scenario was a Attack and defend on a vast sandy area of the field. The cover consists of mostly tall and thick shrubbery and small rolling hills. My platoon was on the offensive and we divided into two squads. I led my squad and I decided to try...

Diamond Corps Mission Day - Drake Field - July 12th 2014

Diamond Corps Mission Day - Drake Field -...

Missions Day events are open to new and veteran operators.
Field Donation is $10.

Schedule - Rain or Shine:
Operators may arrive between 0800 and 0900 for check-in and chrono.
We will begin the Safety and Mission Briefing after 0900 and the day will end at 1600.
The standard missions include: Force on Force, Sniper, Demo, Recon, and Patrol.
New missions are added periodically.


Phantom Corsairs - Weekly Mission Day - July 27th 2014

Phantom Corsairs - Weekly Mission Day - J...

Phantom Corsairs - Weekly Mission Day
New Arrival & Start Times!!!

Weekly Airsoft Mission Day Co-Hosted by:
Yuba City's Team Elvis & Phantom Corsairs

Location: the Shanghai Bend Recreational area in Yuba City.
Multi terrain, very tactical, Large gaming area and Great Airsoft!!

Updated Times:
Arrival: 8:00 am
Game Starts: 8:30 am

Rain or Shine


This is a WEEKL...


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