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Airsoft set beginner to pro
200 USD

Airsoft set beginner to pro

includes 2 guns the black G36 is electric around 400fps. the two camo are spring operated. several mags for G36 and ammo, wall charger, smart charger, bbs, leg holster, Camo tac vest (not pictured). Just don't play anymore all works cleaned and replaced the fuse and battery.

Pentagon Fleece Neck Gaiters now at Military 1st

Pentagon Fleece Neck Gaiters now at Milit...

Comfortable and versatile Pentagon Fleece Neck Gaiter can be worn as a neck warmer, balaclava, mask or beanie.

It comes with soft and warm double fleece tube attached to seamless, moisture-wicking tubular knitted fabric and has an elastic band on top for close fit.

Lightweight and breathable, Pentagon Fleece Neck Gaiter is perfect for hiking, walking, travel and everyday use, providing prote...

M4 Custom Speed Build
600 USD

M4 Custom Speed Build

LINK TO PHOTO ALBUM: http://imgur.com/gallery/Inxss


Looking to sell my Custom built M4 variant. This build is specifically for speed and consistency, and it achieves that goal with flying colors, at a consistent 55rps and 400 fps. With such a short length, it will still shoot for as far, and as straight as possi...

Beta Project ACR
400 USD

Beta Project ACR

I am selling my Beta project converted Magpul PTS Masada/ACR. The base gun being the Magpul branded ACR not the A&K budget version. Retail for the AEG is 509.99 when not on sale (how I bought it years ago). I have since then used the Beta project GBBR conversion (paid 180 back in the day) which replaces the lower receiver, inner and outer barrel, charging handle, and bolt carrier grouping. I h...

Jing Gong W16-2 (M16A2) Rifle and a lot of goodies
250 USD

Jing Gong W16-2 (M16A2) Rifle and a lot o...

Jing Gong M16a2 used
---NcSTAR AR15 Trimount
---NcSTAR Red/Green Dot sight
---Gun Bag
5000 round A&K Box Mag
2 regular mags
Tactical Vest with slots for box mag and 2 regular mags
Cheap Facemask if you want it
3 Batteries

SLR Airsoftworks SOLO Series and Accessories

SLR Airsoftworks SOLO Series and Accessor...

19 October 2016 – Hong Kong

SLR Airsoftworks is pleased to announce the following products for October. These products will be the first release of the SLR Airsoftworks product line; being licensed airsoft reproduction of the prestigious SLR Rifleworks, LLC products.

SLR Rifleworks is a firearm parts manufacturing company specializing in innovative and new designs for the firearm industry. H...

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Special Offers at Military 1st!

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Lot sale echo 1, SRC, JG, SRC

Lot sale echo 1, SRC, JG, SRC

I've got some Airsoft guns I dont use anymore just wanna get ride of them
Echo 1 Scar-L
6.01mm Tightbore Barrel
Red Dot Sight
Echo 1 Flash Hider
4x M4 mags
Rail Covers 2x
Battery inculded

JG MK36v
Base Model
Integrated Handle Scope
3x Mags

Base Model
4x M4 Mags

KWC Desert Eagle
One mag that needs to be replaced
Will Text or Message you pictures if wanteD

RA Tech M16A2
800.00 USD

RA Tech M16A2

I am selling my Vietnam WE Tech M16 with a Heatshield/M203 front end.

This rifle will come with eight magazines. Three short magazines (20 rounds each), and five long magazines (38 rounds), and one CNC Aluminum Classic Army grenade shell.

It has full RA-Tech internals to include the steel bolt carrier, steel nozzle guides, aluminum NPAS nozzle Aluminum plunger, steel bolt catch, aluminum cha...

stark arms fully liscensed and trademarked glock 19 gbb
200 USD

stark arms fully liscensed and trademarke...

fully trademarked glock 19 gen 2 airsoft pistol not used but more than 3 times has a little seen rubb on the slide from holstering works flawlessly these arent made anymore and there discontinued very rare and nice to find for turning heads or putting in your collection i dont play anymore and i like the look of it. ive seen them online for way more just want to give it a good home!also includes a...


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