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R-hop HunterSeeker Armory

R-hop HunterSeeker Armory

We are sure you have heard of R-hop. Brilliant airsoft innovation from HunterSeeker Armory USA for rising you effective gun range up to +40-50 meters. We have them installed in our airsoft guns and we are very pleased with results we got. They are currently in stock so check them out. Also if you need more information about R-hop we are here to help.

Check them out here: http://goo.gl/phROZf

R-Hop Tutorial by Hristo.hr

R-Hop Tutorial by Hristo.hr

You have always wanted more range and accuracy? Heard about R-hop, but didn't know how to make it happen? Here you can find instructions for correct R-hop installation, so now you can have the upper hand!

=> http://hristo.hr/en/info/r-hop-tutorial_39

We've also got all the material you may need! ;-)

Hristo.hr R-Hop Upgrade Parts and Tutorial

Hristo.hr R-Hop Upgrade Parts and Tutoria...

R-hop upgrade, available now at Hristo Airsoft Store! All you need to get greater range and accuracy:

To help everyone who wants to know about the R-hop upgrade, we've made a concise tutorial. To find out the necessary information, click the link:


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